Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Four Years Old at School

(from 3 months ago...) As birthdays are a big deal at school, Miss Meghan was lucky enough to have her mommy and daddy both take off work to take cupcakes up to school... and we didn't realize how many kids were in your class! Almost ran out of snacks. On your birthday, you get to lead the class in for snack time... with your birthday crown, of course.
Cooper saw us and had to participate - didn't want anything to do with anyone else once we had been targeted. And then only for you to now want to eat your special pink birthday cake you had made with Daddy the night before.
Your friends including Callie and Vicenza and Miss Ivonne
Family picture
Miss Martha
Miss Iris
You've been their little girl since 6 weeks old - at this point it seems you are the veteran around that place. They do love you so!

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