Thursday, February 10, 2011

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

One of the joy of big-city-life... zoos and museums. I had mentioned the zoo to Meg several weeks before and didn't want to be one of those don't-follow-through Mommies.. so off we went!
I guess it was the first pretty day in a while because it was crazy crowded. One of the requests was to see the alligator.. definitely enjoyed the more popular elephants and giraffes. Same as most kids I think. And reptile house was at the beginning... and we had to look at every exhibit. I don't know why we bring the stroller... they want to walk or be carried.
Took some convincing.. but then wanted to go through the tunnel.
Out! Let's see the elephants.

Coop is a lot happier out of the stroller...
Trying to see the chimps. Meg tried to look - hard to see when you close the eye in the telescope and open the other. Kind of a hard concept I'm sure.
It was nearing lunch time and we were getting fussy. Seems once you bring out the snacks, it's all they want. Petting zoo had brushes... "buhsh?"... Not super excited but brief enjoyment...

Off to play! How do you do this with more than two kids when you outnumber the parents... how do you keep track?

Mommy's happy because Daddy snuck off to get me Dippin' Dots. Didn't want to share with those greedy little kids! :) But Coop was a big fan!!
And he's off... Coop that is. Running free!

And we're ready to eat our lunch picnic at the fountain. So tired.

Birthday Day

Birthday day fell during the week this year... it began with a birthday breakfast complete with balloons - which would be carried around by two little children for two weeks until the "accidentally" were thrown away! We love balloons here.
We had a birthday breakfast and finished making our cupcakes to take up to school that afternoon.
This was the super-cool crown that came with Meghan's birthday card from Memma and Pop. We love crowns these days - all things princess related.
And then another crown at daycare! Mommy took off work early to take up cupcakes for a birthday party... should have known something was up when she declared she didn't want to finish the snack and said she wanted to go home and watch Dora. Of course, if I thought something was weird every time she requested Dora...
Good friend Hailey - the only one that goes back to Meg's early days at school.

New "friend" Callie - these girls are a little fickle. It does seem though (as we have heard though the teachers) that Meg, Hailey, and two of the original boys see each other as a group I guess and stick up for each other. Pretty cute I think...
Her class lined up... I don't even know half these kids these days.
With Miss Martha- one of the owners.
So we had this plan to go run an errand and then go meet Daddy for early supper at Chik-Fil-A before Mommy went to church. That didn't happen... she threw up all over herself in the car right when I pulled up to the store. We stripped in the parking lot, ended up wearing nothing but Mommy's scrub shirt, towel in the seat to cover up the yuck she refused to sit in... and headed home. Requests that swishy dress and clackies would make her feel better. You got it, dude.

And the bear? My child is such a spoiled brat that two of my friends from work brought Meghan birthday presents! And the nose? Just showed up with a scratch getting out of the car at church two days before. When asked, she would say Bubba did it... don't know. Makes her look tough!
Happy birthday, baby girl. Can't believe you are three.... you are at such a fun age!

Meghan Turns Three!

We've been working on the three fingers for a while... usually required manipulation by the other hand to fold those extra fingers down. When the great grandparents decided to come down for the weekend, we took advantage of the get together to do a family birthday party.
Nate was very adamant that he was still bigger than Meghan... she very much says "I'm big like you and Bubba is little"... not that big, missy. Maybe cause we tell her all the time what a big girl she is... I digress...
The rule for presents this year was no toys (at least for the most part). We got lots of books including the Eric Carle collection complete with a caterpillar toy! Although, I must admit, my child was much more excited about the toys and kept looking through the bags for real presents. Very excited about the pretty purple dress and had to put it on right then. Complete with all the jewelry that went with it. And then wore it all day. And to bed as well for sleep... with pjs pants pulled on underneath.
With lots of helpers.

Got a good picture of Nanny!
This year the birthday singing and blowing was a big hit. Last year she was very hesitant for the attention... bu this year just knew what to expect and blew those candles right out. I'm sure it helped that "happy birthday" is a song she sings all the time, birthday or not.
I made a cookie cake...with the typical bad icing I'm so good at :)
Good picture of me!
You see who has charge of the kids and these yucky hands...
What a cute couple hanging out by the pool during nap time.

Lexi Turns One

We all went up to Katy to celebrate this little one's early birthday in January!