Friday, February 4, 2011

A Fractured Trip

The additional Christmas tradition for our weekend in Oklahoma is seeing Greg's other Grandma. We went out to eat pizza for lunch, but before we could open presents at her house, she fell and ended up in the ER with a fractured humeral head! Kinda put a dent in our plans, and her ability to hold the grandkids!
We made due though and went over later in the evening. Cooper's obsession the whole time there was the broom that he had found and wanted to drag around the house - knocking over all the trinkets in the process. Not a happy camper when not allowed to play with it. Thus, the fussing.
Jared and Lexi - another first visit for Lexi!
Did I mention I suggested to Meghan she wear her Santa dress to make Grandma feel better? And in addition with Jingle Bells sung by the girls, I'm sure it worked!
Four Generations of Nelson girls

Meg and Aubs got pretty dresses and a baby!
Just loving the creative rudolph shirt - I'm gonna have to make one with Meg next year!
Nate - entranced :)
Hope you're healing up! Off to more Christmases...

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