Friday, November 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkin to carve - not on Halloween weekend but before.... This was before Cooper was willingly wearing shoes - so he did run around barefoot. But it didn't keep him from going. And tasting... and not at all afraid to run off and go explore by himself.

Meghan wanted to find her ugly pumpkin...

Our pumpkin was carved after the church festival... I had great plans of making it a learning experience and Meg digging in. That didn't happen. "Messy" --- and Mommy ended up doing it. (Pics not posted due to partial nudity - on the kid's part that is :) ).

Fall Festival

Saturday morning of Halloween weekend we headed up to Katy. After the girls went shopping that morning at a craft show, we headed over to their church for the fall festival - like we did last year. Note the pompoms - the lesson here: don't give your child anything to carry in her hands because you will end up carrying it instead. Our little Texans family.

Trunk or treating

Nanny decided it would be a good idea to let the kids go up - not seeing the sign about age restriction until they were in the mess. Note the delay in the line going up as the two year old tried to climb up.
Aubrey was a little more eager to go down than Meghan - but neither of them needed much coaching.
And it didn't keep them from doing it three times in all...

And then off to the other inflated adventure.
Jared and baby Lexi
Off to go inside and play... aka waiting in line. Meg didn't realy get the bowling thing - more like toss the ball after walking really close to the pins.
And you have to stick out your tongue to focus. Starts early doesn't it?
My shy child decided to hop right into the chair and very patiently wait for her heart. "What's your name?" "I'm Meghan, big sis..." Granted, the lady didn't really understand what she said - I love that "big sis" is how she identifies herself :)

Didn't really get to eat much (any?) candy but loved playing with it.
Super hero Nathan had a pumpkin face.
I did exist!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Balloons at Night

Our Halloween weekend started out Friday night with going to NASA for the balloon festival - like we did last year. This time we went at night for the "glow".
Hard to keep that kid inside the rope. Luckily, we weren't the only one with rowdy kids. And it was nicely noisy to disguise Coop's discontent. I liked the Earth balloon!
Meg sat with Coop the majority of the event while I wrangled Cooper. When they played the Star Spangled Banner, all the balloon bases (without the balloons) shot up their flames at the end - Meg thought this was especially fun.
We had a chicken strip picnic. Mommy did manage to dress everyone warmly - except herself.
As long as he had a snack, Coop was pretty good.

They "flickered" the balloons.

Nothing better to light up balloons than the theme from Jurassic Park - doesn't that have to be the best ever?! Band nerd.
I think every night this weekend, we carried the children in asleep. But they were pretty good sports and not too fussy. I would say the balloon fest was a big hit. Next year, Cooper will be big enough to are what's going on.

Lake Fun

Small little outing in the neighborhood - complete with puppies. Let them run around a bit.