Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mas Tricks?

Halloween was on a Monday this year so we rushed over to our small group house after work with costumes in tow. A rushed supper with rushed dressing... with Cooper wanting to be out of his costume right after putting it on. Note: don't buy costumes that aren't easily worn or you will 1) end up carrying accessories or 2) end up carrying the child.
After the first house where Cooper realized the point of the costume, he was ready for "mas" after each doorbell ringing. After each house, Coop walked down the sidewalk and asked his daddy for "mas" to head to the next house. We moms headed out with the kids while the dads stayed at the house with the little babies and handed out candy. Except for Greg who went along on kid duty - good thing since he carried Cooper quite a bit.
Meghan, the shy child, right, was witnessed several times "Hi, I'm Meghan and this is my brother Cooper" - cute kid. Safe? Possibly not but very outgoing of you. She was "Jinglebell" - afterall, there is a song for jingle bell and not Tinker Bell. Memma sent us a new princess costume just in time for Halloween - which isn't that big a deal when you dress up on a daily basis already.
We ran into other small groups in the neighborhood, lost several children at times, decided we needed glow in the dark identifiers next year, and nominated the men to take the children - although we know that won't work as they would lose kids and not realize they were missing! One house from church had gone all out, left the front door unlocked, and set out quite a spread of different Halloween treats. We should have stayed there all night - at least there wouldn't have been the mosquito problem!
Cooper still walks up and pets his dinosaur costume - but we haven't put it on again yet. Big enough for dress up fun later on though.
Sadly, minimal candy was consumed in this process. Mean Mommy took it away and hid it in the closet!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Swim of the Season

Our last time swimming at Nanny and Pa's house was over Coop's birthday weekend in September. Cooper mastered counting down which sounded more like "un un un!" when he would launch himself into the pool, jumping in regardless of someone there to catch or not. A little concerning but he was having lots of fun! And so ready to drink out of anyone and everyone's cup... until pouring water down himself!

Meghan's swimming skills change depending on her mood and current confidence level. Sometime she's more than willing to swim across the pool... sometimes doesn't want to even try.... But more and more comfortable all the time.
especially when her Daddy is around to play!
And then there's Cooper with the "dog" - George in this situation. No fear of the giant dog.
And good for cuddles!

Pumpkin Gathering

Like last year, we went to the church to get some pumpkins. This time with the wagon for carrying them around... which means Cooper kept piling pumpkin after pumpkin in the wagon. Eventually we got the situation under control and each kid got to pick out a small pumpkin and a large family pumpkin.

Meghan had also gotten to go on her first school field trip the day before to a different pumpkin patch and pick out her own pumpkin... the bumpiest wartiest one I think she could find (just like she did last year).
We had also been talking about pumpkins and where they came from. Started with a conversation about squirrels burying nuts, nuts growing into trees... and Meghan declaring that we need to find a squirrel to bury us a tree. But Meghan also decided that we need to bury the pumpkin so we can get a pumpkin tree. She also has declared we need to make pumpkin pie out of our pumpkins... I'm not sure I'm up for that but maybe we can just cut one open to see what's inside.

Sweet hugs...

Tiny little silly pumpkin Meghan found
Now for the trick or treating!


... unless you go to church with my parents that is at is seems Pop has a big mouth :)
So this little wiggle worm is officially 11 weeks old at the debut this week. Kicking all over the place! Saw the arms and legs and beating little heart and spine and brain and profile - sucking the hand at one point (at least that's what it looked like).
All good for now! Mom's good just even more tired than usual but trucking on. Good excuse to be a little lazy and stop going to the gym :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Girl and Her Daddy

Two Terrific Years of Coop

We can't believe two years have passed since you joined our family, little man! You are for the most part the happiest, most easy going little guy. Working on your independence, always ready to entertain yourself, looking for ways to entertain us, and working on getting into trouble.
One of your favorite past-times is definitely eating. And a source of many of your words - unch (lunch), beh-ies (berries and tomatoes), ahge (orange), muk (milk), agua, eese (cheese- shredded and sprinkle parm), oose (juice), mas (more in spanish), oosh (chair). You are a good helper, love to dig in the drawer and get out "poons" (spoons) and place them around the table, always making sure to put one out for Pop at his chair in the corner. Getting over the "ice" obsession. Declaring yourself "done", while standing up prepared to launch, wanting to "ash" (wash) or "baf" (bath) with "oap" (soap).And did we mention your good appetite? Just tonight, you ate red bell pepper and tomatoes, ate some ice berg lettuce the other night... Definitely fluctuate on your preferences from meal to meal. Big into meat and fruit regardless.
Love play time on the ground with tickles, climbing all over everything including us, big on the "ump" - which means carrying around the step stool prepared to launch yourself off... including from the top step even if it means full body flop on the ground. Laughing all the while. But wanting someone to be watching you the whole time - as in, "momma, momma, momma, dadash, dadash, mehmeh, mehmeh..." all day until someone is watching to see what great stunt you are doing. On Saturdays, we tend to hear this all day. Or if one of us is gone, you ask repetitively all day long.
Loving your "ook", especially upstairs with you "mulk" - don't know how that became blanket. You were preferring your's from Great Nanny but lately want your crocheted blanket. Love your "moush" - finding the mouse on every page of Goodnight, Moon; repeating when prompted, helping with the "hush" and "mush"... flipping back and forth the whole time to find mouse again. Also loving The Best Mouse Cookie - more with mouse and "mess" and "bush" (brush) and "uhoh" (for the dropped eggs).
You seem to be topless in many of your pictures. Probably because when eating your little shelf collects food and all the juice from your fruit which ran down your arm. Always willing to go to the "doh" (door) and go "si" (outside), wanting to play "car" or have a "push" or play "ball" or "ri" (ride).
The castle in the backyard. And fighting over random outside toys. Preferring the "bush" (broom) and the footstool over balls at times.
And then there's your sister. Ya'll are so sweet together. She loves you so much and you love her too. Always want to be together or asking where each other is. Love listening to you two laugh and play together.
Want to take out the "tash" (trash) in the morning before getting into the "tuck", declaring yourself "eady?" (ready). The tuck comments started with Pop's truck this last visit. Now everything else is a truck.

I've only now picked up on how your singing and songs have increased. Heard you singing The Wheels on the Bus from the back seat, completely indecipherable but with grunts and definite rhythm. Big on the "shhshshh", and waawaawaa's. Grunting along to twinkle-twinkle, wanting to participate in "ashes".
Nighttime routine includes singing Itsy Bitsy Spider - which you ask for with your hands smooshed together - and then some Twinkle Twinkle (complete with your grunts) and some prayers. You push your little hands together and clap when we're done. Lately wanting to name people we are thankful for. Definitely "Ance" (Lance) our favorite family member - at Nanny and Pa's house you don't want to say goodbye to anyone when prompted except for Lance for whom you run over to his room and want a full open mouth. Everyone loves Lance it seems - all the nieces and nephews anyways.
Looking as sweet as you are in real life. Definitely get fussy when tired or hungry. Not very patient for food at restaurants. Some threatened biting, but you know not to and usually look up for our expressions. Not really getting in trouble at school. Some sitting in the corner. Was given the opportunity to clean up or stand in the corner... I heard you upstairs crying after Daddy left you to find you still standing in the corner by yourself crying. Anything other than "cean up" - singing the song of course - to assert your stubbornness and independence.

You insisted on playing ball holding the base of the bat. Very willing to be helped but stubborn enough to go back to your preferred method when we aren't helping you.
I witnessed your blooming imagination the other night for the first time. Meghan was pretending to pour "magic water" out of the empty broom handle. Watching you go "shhhhh" as you filled Mommy's cup and pretending to take a drink. Did we mention your recent fear of the giant stuffed bear in Meg's room? We heard you screaming upstairs the other day and ran up to find you trapped in Meg's room, hiding in the corner, because the bear was next to the door and you couldn't get out. Now we've progressed to saying "bye be-ah" in the mornings.
Love your animals. For some reason able to say "george" before your own dogs. Now adding with "Mags", tobey is still only "do-gh", new emphasis on the last syllable. Loving that last syllable - as in "tuck" (stuck), "monk" (monkey), fo-g (frog). Love to help us read with making all the animal noises. Latest add on with a very aggressive "ribbit", growing, panting, chest beating. Loving to look at all the animals, including the most recent stray cat (very friendly) across the street who you insist on petting all the time.
Such a good cuddler. And definitely preferring your Momma; need some siblings just so Daddy has a shot at being a favorite. Some short attention span but good for a minute or so.
Big into the swimming. See the sunscreen out and starts patting your arms. Love to jump, including at Nanny's pool. "eady?" means look at me I'm going to jump... which progressed to blindly jumping without our hands to catch - now declaring "uhn" (one) for the countdown to start for jumping.
You are such a beautiful and adorable little boy, Cooper. And such a fun age, never knowing what your next word or action will be. You are loved by so many!