Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Gathering

Like last year, we went to the church to get some pumpkins. This time with the wagon for carrying them around... which means Cooper kept piling pumpkin after pumpkin in the wagon. Eventually we got the situation under control and each kid got to pick out a small pumpkin and a large family pumpkin.

Meghan had also gotten to go on her first school field trip the day before to a different pumpkin patch and pick out her own pumpkin... the bumpiest wartiest one I think she could find (just like she did last year).
We had also been talking about pumpkins and where they came from. Started with a conversation about squirrels burying nuts, nuts growing into trees... and Meghan declaring that we need to find a squirrel to bury us a tree. But Meghan also decided that we need to bury the pumpkin so we can get a pumpkin tree. She also has declared we need to make pumpkin pie out of our pumpkins... I'm not sure I'm up for that but maybe we can just cut one open to see what's inside.

Sweet hugs...

Tiny little silly pumpkin Meghan found
Now for the trick or treating!

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