Monday, April 2, 2012

Seeing the Princess

In January, the kids and Mommy went to the wedding of her PA school friend and his lovely bride. Note: don't refer to the bride as the "princess" or you will never hear the end of it. The whole reception, Princess Katy had to be rescued incessantly from Miss Meghan who wanted to touch and dance and be with her all night. Coop even started asking to "see pwincess". See the little red dress in the middle of the crowd... not shy at all...
Winning hearts this one
And the dance floor seems to have been a give in. Complete with my child taking off through the crowd of tables in an attempt to lead a congo-line type dancing. Meghan did find a girl with matching sparkly shoes and they were immediate friends.
PA school friends!
Waiting patiently for the princess
And we finally got to dance with the princess
Dancing with Mommy - who it seems is way too old to squat and spin without getting horribly dizzy.

Flowers everywhere
Princess Katy
Prince Josh
My little prince - who only wanted to talk about the princess from afar and get shy when offered a picture with her

Party for Four

Teaser... this is the best you're getting until someone sends me bday pics.... My camera decided to take an unexpected hiatus followed by an all expense (mostly) paid trip across the country to the repair motherland.