Sunday, January 9, 2011

'Twas the Month Before Christmas

And everyone was running around like crazy getting ready! Meghan helped Mommy decorate the tree... note the decorations all at the same spot at arms reach. Very excited about the whole thing... had to be encouraged to move to a different part of the tree. Very helpful straightening out the string of lights - and helping herself to plugging them in to see how they work.
And laying on the new rug, declaring it nap time. Love the Santa soap... and the Santa towel. And blowing up baby Jesus (the inflateable) in the front yard, including kicking out the manger like Mommy and Daddy do to help set up. Requesting the Christmas tree be turned on.
And making cookies!

And attempting to decorate a gingerbread village - complete with everything but good directions! We had fun at least... although Mommy didn't anticipate someone eating a lot of the candy.

See the houses nicely decorated with "M"s for Momma and Meghan.

Merry Christmas!

Cooper's First Haircut

After starting to look a little Christopher Lloyd at fifteen months, it was time for the little boy to get a haircut. I was dreading taking him out to a hair salon when Greg suggested that I do it myself... Don't challenge me if you don't plan on me doing it! ;)

Big boy... with a crack :)
He sat surprisingly still. Give the guy a mirror to look at and a comb to play with and all's good.

Symphony, Santa, and Snacks

This silly Mommy requested that the whole family go to Pa's work Christmas party at the Symphony. Not remembering that the event includes a full length symphony. All I could remember was that Meghan loves music, and it would be a fun, free event to take her to. Only to realize that we were some of the only ones with kids this little...
Coop and Baby Lexi lasted most of the way through the first half - not to say that the people around us appreciated it. A little bit of squeaking. Meghan and Aubrey giggling. Changing seats. Meg squinting into what little ight there was, determined to still color in her book.
At the intermission, we waited in a really long line for a a cookie.... and did some dancing of course. We decided wisely that the kids would have more fun hanging out in the lobby.

The big girls sat with Nanny and Pa for some of the symphony... Cousin Nate cried when told that there was still another half to go on the music. But lots of fun running around...
And seeing Santa... our first of many. The most willing trip.
It seems we climbed a lot of stairs... an event she insisted on doing all by herself every time. When asked later what was her favorite part about our event, she replied that it was the stairs... at least we tried. Exposing her to culture!

Give Thanks...

We wore our new swishy dress to church in WF. Went to class like a big girl and was friendly to all mom's important people... Since church at home is full of them! Big girl didn't want to wear a coat to cover up her pretty dress until she went outside to try to take a picture with Memma's Santa... not waiting around for pictures.
Memma had planned a craft activity - made a door hangar and so proud of ourselves.
Coop coloring - a new interest
Mommy and her little man
Cuddling with Memma in front of the fire
Silly Aunt Lacey - reading books
Discovering the new hand-me-down car from cousin Hailey! Which now is in our garage... both kids very excited about it. Even if it isn't driving... but it does make lots of noise with the radio and buttons.

We went to eat lunch with Nin and Lacey on Saturday - a burger and ice cream... Nin was very willing to share

Helping Memma put up her Christmas tree

Our for a drive!
with giggles from everyone involved
Leftovers with family
And hairdressing with Hailey and Harla
Playing the piano and singing songs with Great Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Lloyd
Don't forget the blow up balls brought over for play time!
A good time was had by all... even better since it didn't involved a day here and there with way too much driving in between. We missed those we didnt' get to see but enjoyed the time with them even more for the same reason!

Duck Duck Goose (and Swan)

This holiday season meant scaling back on the driving. We made the decision that instead of the fast paced craziness we usually have during the season, we would limit our holiday time to one family per holiday. Thanksgiving was to be spent home with my family.
Memma prepared and saved up the bread to go feed the ducks and look for the swans and geese. Free entertainment. Did I mention that when I bought out the (rare to have) white bread the other day, Meghan said "like with the ducks!".

Cooper liked taking off on his own - within reason from the pond of course.

The geese caught on to the action and saw the feeding - to come join the party.

Coop took interest in the feeding and started grabbing his own bread. Funny thing is, it just fell right underneath his hand since he didn't really get the throwing part - little pile next to him. But so cute that he got it.
Found the swans! Before they started coming after us.