Saturday, October 27, 2007

(First) Celebration

Downtown Houston at night. Isn't it impressive? Love the lights. I like to just remember what it looks like and forget the stressful drive through it :) and of course more impressive with a studly Greg!

Avenue Q is in Houston, and Greg wanted to go. So I timed it on my last day of school - a celebration if you will. One of many I plan and not the first. I think I celebrated end of first year, end of each rotation, end of all rotations, and now we are here. And more celebrating in December.
So we went out to eat (Olive Garden alfredo mmmm) and drove downtown for the musical. I even dressed up like a real date - can probably count on one hand how many actual "dates" we have had through the years. The musical was definitely unique and different - but fun. Hard to explain. Probably not many people we know would appreciate it. Quite funny and entertaining though! Not sure it deserved to win the Tony award over Wicked but beat Spamalot by far - although not sure it took much :) Did I mention it involves puppets like Sesame Street?
See the bump? :)

Such Sweet Sorrow...

Research group! Haley, Michelle, and me (looking bald)

As of yesterday, I'm a free woman! Research project completed, classes over, and no more until graduation mid-December. Everyone is taking off and moving across state, town, or country. All going our separate ways. Except for us old married people already in their house. Some moving to go start a new job, others still looking. Some getting married, others adding babies. So many changes! I guess I should be used to such since it's for this reason I have friends all over the state - some which have been very tolerant and haven't hardly seen me while I've been in school. But that will change I promise! No excuses now - at least until January :) .

Allison isn't leaving me! :)

Brenda and me

PA school seems like it flew by when you look back. Seems not long ago that we were meeting each other and now it's going to be so wierd (and lonely) to have all my friends so far away. We've learned so much and are different now in more ways than just knowledge and skills. The whole journey so much more enjoyable with friends to go through it with, knowing we weren't alone any time along the way. I would say there is a deeper bond once you go through all that - seeing each other in the middle of the night on rotations, at 4:30 in the morning to start the day, at the end of a test when all you want to do is collapse, on the verge of tears when you're just so frustrated you don't know what else to do, and at the end of two and half years of trying to make something of ourselves. Even though we may be apart, I know there will be plenty of reunions, and I pity all those around who happen to be in the vicinity when we see each other at PA conferences and such. I'm sure the giggling and loudness will be just like old times.

Thanks to the friends and family and husband who have been so supportive. It has been so much easier knowing that everyone was rooting for me and excited for me and understanding of my neglect. PA school husbands should get special rewards - not only for supporting their wives but being understanding when they just need to cry, helping out when the thought of doing laundry just puts us over the edge, and going for sometimes days without seeing each other when schedules were at their worst. And I'm sure makes them appreciate that we didn't go to med school! I love you, Greg and couldn't have done it without you!

What Would You Choose?

So Greg's latest deep thought, prompted by the forest fires, was if I would rather my house burn down (aka loose all my earthly possessions) or lose my dogs. I quickly answered save my dogs... Greg looked at me like I was crazy. And then sent me off on a mission to poll my school friends who agreed with me; Greg's coworkers all agreed with him.
Maybe once you have a job and have worked hard and have kids the answer is different? I still say it depends on the relationship you have with your dogs. And when my house burns down I'm planning on insurance replacing everything - it would be different if I would be destitute and living on the street I guess. Everything in my house except pictures practically could be bought again and I would have a lot less stuff to worry about hauling around from house to house that I can't bear to throw away now - a fire might be a blessing in disguise. Greg even told me that dogs are earthly possessions! Does this look like morning cuddle time of a guy who believes such a thing?
Any input? I like to think Greg's the one in the wrong and not me - isn't that only logical?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Deep Thoughts from a Fatty!

So as I sat here playing online eating my "lunch" I came to deep conclusions concerning why I've "gained too much weight" - which obviously has me stressed since I seem to mention it to too many people! And there is a reason they tell you not to eat while doing other things...
Knowing how it goes, once you start craving something you just need to give in and eat it and then you'll be okay for a while right? So I wanted my gourmet mac n cheese from the blue box - no substitutes. Just something about getting those wads of rehydrated cheese powder hidden away on pasta that just makes me feel good... Then I look down and there are only a couple of bites left! You would think as the person who is supposed to be preaching to patients about not gaining too much weight that I would be a good example. Wrong! At least I don't look like it, right? And I have an excuse? And whoever thought it would be a smart fundraiser to sell cookie dough sure did aim for the right market because I was a "purchaser" and dang you all! Get it out of my house!
I'll just carry the kid on my hip and the purse on the other side - that should take off a few butt inches, right?
And congrats to all my friends getting real PA jobs! Gives me hope for the future - just don't take all of them as I'll need them in April!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm a Good Sport...

Pun intended.
So brother Lance didn't come in town for the game this weekend which means the back-up participant got called in - that would be me... What better way to spend Sunday than clapping when I do understand and feigning interest when I'm lost! At least I didn't bring my book in this time! And the jersey is Greg's back-up so I could be properly attired.
He declared it the most boring game he'd ever been to. Then the crowd started thinning out to like 1/5 of the original size and then we started making a comeback... Really quite impressive - like 33 to 7 back up to 33 to 33. Something like that. That final touchdown in the last minute got Greg yelling (more than before) and jumping (had to move not to get beat up) and being crazier than normal. And calling Lance to tell him how I'm having all his fun! And then the other team made a field goal and they lost by a point - and then we were sad... And I had to say "you had fun though!" -- how quickly they forget.

Greg declared this to be Meghan's first game ---- he says Megan... Maybe at least the name is decided... I originally kept pointing out to him all the dad's proudly carrying their babies in their carriers strapped to their chests. Then it occurred to me that if he were doing so, in addition to looking amazingly adorable in her little pink jersey, my child would be deaf and traumatized from being thrown out over the crowd during all the jumping. So we might have to reconsider that one!

One thing about it - Greg has the ability to get excited and show emotion... Is it in my genetic make-up or just up-bringing that has left me unable to jump, yell, or even grin like crazy? Hmmm....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

26 weeks!

Had to do it - people will annoy me if I don't.... This is why Bobbie was 1) not a model (the only reason I'm sure), 2) likes to take pictures, and 3) hasn't taken many belly pics. So there it is... sometimes bigger/smaller. Sometimes looks completely normal depending on what I wear. She is in there but you just can't see her! All going great! Two more weeks we'll be in the 3rd trimester!
We are officially "lamaze-d" as of last weekend. I guess we learned something and can now say we did it - a right of passage if you will. And both got excited when we got to look at the little one day old baby - Greg got all grinny. The rest of it could have been read online in maybe an hour. But we had giggles pretending to breathe - the teacher probably wanted to beat us since the others were serious. I think I got it down. I've been pooping for 26 years now right? :) Empuje senora! Empuje!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Diaper Shower

Diapers everywhere!
My school friends decided in their wisdom that I needed diapers and boy did we get them! We ate lunch at Fuddrucker's in Galveston after class for lunch and had our little shower. You all know I'm a suckerc for cake - too bad this time it meant people staring at me :) !

And then there were those rebels who bought other stuff - more little outfits... and then brought me diapers at other places. As if walking through Fuddrucker's with diapers wasn't awkward enough, it definitely felt funny leaving the library with my hands full... Thanks guys! I feel really loved and love you guys! Only a week and a half left and we're free!

Craft Day #1

I instructed Shelly (mother-in-law) on the "skill" of wreath making... We had to have something to do while the boys yelled at the football game right? And when else are you allowed to say "shove it" so many times in one setting?

Here's to more craft days... I'm afraid I've unleashed her inner beast!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Baby Stuff!

Did I mention first off thanks for all the baby clothes... and second let me reiterate - no more baby clothes! Some would say you can't ever have too many or too much pink - I, however, beg to differ... Part of the problem is weeding out those you don't like but they're all baby clothes. How many "ugly" baby clothes are there in the world? Granted, I will not turn away gifts but lets at least try to not buy more pink. I get really excited about yellow/green and they even make little girl stuff in blue I promise. Or a unisex outfit would be great!

Dad helped put together the crib which looked so cute with the skirt Mom made and little sheets. And then we started sorting all the clothes - and the puppies helped as you can seen. Maggie and that stupid ball (which is at this moment perched on my knee with her staring up at it) and Tobey's inability to be away from me - even if it means laying on the clothes we are trying to sort. So many little helpers!
And to all you grandparents out there and you know who you are... No more big floor toys! :)

Visitors from A-far

Is that two words? Looks like Arab right now :)

Mom and Dad came down from distant lands (Wichita Falls) for several days. We met them north of Houston in the booming metropolis of Round Top for the antiques/arts festival. Huge and impressive - once again, way to be a trooper Greggo. Mom didn't point out to me until we got there that the crafts weren't really until next weekend. So we walking around ooh-ing and aah-ing at old junk... But gave us something to do.

Then they followed us home, and we played while Greg had to be a grown up and work. Being my family with a food focus, Mom didn't care what she did as long as she got shrimp! So we headed to Galveston to go back to Shrimp and Stuff where it was all just "wonderful" :) . Nothing compared to the beauty of Galveston Bay (note sarcasm) that we got to see from the ferry we rode across to Bolivar Peninsula at the east end of the island. There was nothing on the other side, but we did get to see dolphins on the way over. Lots on the way over (with missed photo ops) and not much on the way back. But more than I had seen in my 2.5 years here so far!
He's not really getting pecked on the head...

And sometimes if I'm lucky, I can actually catch Mom smiling!

Did I mention after weighing my options I decided skipping my "classes" was a good idea if it meant I could play instead? Only three more weeks and only seven actual days of "learning" - the " due to the fact that more could probably be accomplished at home but I'm a trooper too :)

See, I Have Friends!

Haley and Christine

So, I was recently talking to Cousin Pam who got all excited when I said I had gone out with some friends the night before. I guess I whine about not having friends... I really do I promise. For now! In a few months, I'll be all alone down here when they all move to exotic places like Dallas :)
A group of us went out for dinner for Josh's birthday and giggled way too much. I think the line was drawn somewhere when I looked over and the table next to us was looking at us. Maybe it was singing happy birthday. Or making funny faces. Or just being out-right-loud. Children these days!

Josh, Isabel, and Allison

Me looking like a dweeb and Greg the sole spouse of the evening