Thursday, October 18, 2007

26 weeks!

Had to do it - people will annoy me if I don't.... This is why Bobbie was 1) not a model (the only reason I'm sure), 2) likes to take pictures, and 3) hasn't taken many belly pics. So there it is... sometimes bigger/smaller. Sometimes looks completely normal depending on what I wear. She is in there but you just can't see her! All going great! Two more weeks we'll be in the 3rd trimester!
We are officially "lamaze-d" as of last weekend. I guess we learned something and can now say we did it - a right of passage if you will. And both got excited when we got to look at the little one day old baby - Greg got all grinny. The rest of it could have been read online in maybe an hour. But we had giggles pretending to breathe - the teacher probably wanted to beat us since the others were serious. I think I got it down. I've been pooping for 26 years now right? :) Empuje senora! Empuje!


Becky Carter said...

All I can say is good luck to ya! It is definitely an experience you will never forget ;-) look great by the fact you don't look any older than the last time I saw you (years ago)! I, however, feel OLD. Maybe two kids wear you down?

Alli said...

What a cute baby bump!!!

I agree, you look great.

ML said...

Ha! Sure, it's just the same, especially if your planning on having a snake or a lizard!! Cute pregnant pictures! ML (Kara's mom) :)