Monday, June 30, 2008

Puke, (Guitar) Practice, Purchases, Patients, and Spasticity

PS: That isn't puke :)
First truly sick weekend... started with lots of dirty poopy diapers... then vomiting... let's just say that Mommy took three showers yesterday and only one was scripted.  And our couch will never be the same - but I needed a new one anyways, right? :)  And fussy baby so wants to be happy she can't stand it.  Tears flowing down cheeks while smiling and looking at us wanting to be picked up so badly.  Sickness does make her cuddly-er so that's a hidden bonus.  No puke today so hopefully we're getting better - still fussy though poor baby.  Possible just a belly bug?  But still wondering if it wasn't the applesauce that should have been thrown away instead of eating.  Surely the book was kidding when it suggested throwing away opened jars after 2-3 days... that would be wasteful, right?  And I didn't realize it had been a week and a half until the damage had been done.  Was just reading my new book about how baby allergies may show up in subtle ways including runny nose and such (which we have) - and the more obvious poopy pukey ways...
And our household is now a 2 guitar household - at Sam's today they had the new Aersosmith game with the guitar - which gives us the other guitar we've wanted so I can play too.... and hopefully, some Aerosmith songs I know..... Not! So far stuff I don't know... I do blame my parents for my absense of song knowledge - although nothing could rival that of the Baggetts.
For my baby owners who secretly stalk :)   Get a Sam's card! I think I figured out that the price of the card paid for itself with the money saved on just two packs of diapers... especially when the price of formula is figured out.  All those crazy people who buy name brand formula.... I laugh at them :)  .
Work is going pretty well.  I really do love my job.  Greg and I are both so blessed that we have managed to find our little niches and perfect places to work.  Really the ideal places for people still trying to figure out this whole baby and work thing.  We have yet to have to take the day off for sick baby - and, hopefully, it won't happen this week - but, Greg's work will be okay to do that.... As far as we know!  I sure won't be able to take the time off and leave all my scheduled patients to be shoved on to someone else's schedule.
I've had several repeat patients which is always fun to see.  Or frustrating  :)  
The patient who came in with a severely distended abdomen (think ascites) who I ran labs on, diagnosed with Hep B and C, probable liver failure, sent him to the ER where he was admitted and had 3 liters drained off his belly, didn't take his med when discharged, had mental changes and passed out (hepatic encephalopathy), and came back to see me after the 2nd overnight hospital admission.  He thanked me.... big guy really did have tears in his eyes.
The several well women exams when my brain translated "Do you have any concern about sexual diseases?" to "Deseos sexuales" --- laugh it up people... That is one of those words you can't just make Spanish - I made STD a question to a little old lady about "sexual desire"  :)  And I've caught myself several times doing it!
And my patient today... 28 year old with a little baby, had on her Aggie ring of power, concerned about a painful red area on her breast for a month.  I'm praying it really is just cellulitis or something cause I'm worried about inflammatory breast cancer - look it up.  25-50% survival rate in 5 years - don't even classify it as less than stage III or IV because it's so aggressive.  28!  And cute with red hair...  Daddy just died.  Lost her job to help Mom who is now sick too.  Baby at home...  (for my PA friends - inverted nipple is not a good sign; for you others, forgive my N word and go check your boobies!)

So many diabetics and hypertensives and people with no concern for their health at all.
People who thank you for taking care of them... People who demand it like it's their right.  People who would wait all day long without complaint knowing you are there for them.... People with mild colds who can't wait an hour without throwing a fit.  People who get angry you won't give them pain meds (many of them) and people who understand.  Little Hispanic ladies who kiss you on the cheek when you're finished.  Who yell after you "Dios le bendiga" (God bless you) or "Have a blessed day".  And the never-ending "You sure are young to be a doctor" "Are you going to be a doctor someday?" "So I waited all day and don't even get to see a doctor?".

And for you to smile - the young girl I diagnosed with freckles... seriously people :)
To my father, whose genetics just keep on giving, I do believe the eyelid spasm is one you can have back!!! And I'm told my bro has the same seemingly innocuous disease.  Driving me crazy.  You know it's bad when your patients bring it up.  I'm like the crazy PA... "Who did you see a your last appointment?" "The one with the twitch."  Ug - I'm going to start calling it blepharospasm - sounds impressive, right?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Five Months

There should really be a consensus on if we could age by months or weeks because I personally find it a bit confusing...
Five months old tomorrow, little girl!  We started pulling out all your six months clothes - you have quite a bit for this age so I figured we needed to whip them out.  Good thing too since you don't seem to be much too small for them.  Big news of the weekend was finding a tooth - although still not sure Nanny didn't force it out since she was under your care.  Barely a little nub but something there; maybe another right next to it too!  Does explain why you've recently started sticking your tongue out and playing with it though.  But no fussing or fever... pulling at your ears a little but that's it... Keep up the simply easygoing life kid!
Daycare keeps saying what a happy little girl you are... No more bullying incidents and the other little kids love you it seems... You go outside, sing songs, play with bubbles, and make presents for Mommy and Daddy - which we love!
From this weekend, Tray - costarring again!
You love playing with faces it seem - just waiting for that to turn into breaking glasses.... close a couple of times.  Still working on sleeping through the night... Despite the medical studies that don't show that cereal makes babies sleep longer, I do think it does.  At least it seems that how well you sleep is easily predicted by how much food we force you.  Don't know if that method of eating is really developing the best eating habits.  Associating food with crying :)
Entertaining yourself really well in your activity chair thing - complete with bouncing.  Really like fabrics and often have more fun with what you are placed on than your toys - fringe, sheets, colors.... Want to eat them all of course.
Wake up in your crib and play by yourself - after waking Mommy up for a bottle of course.  Seem to wake up pretty happy in the morning to go to daycare.  And we only get a couple of hours with you after school... One of the first to drop off and one of the last to leave the daycare - sure doesn't make Mommy want to spend time with other people... Hard to justify that when I need to soak up every minute with you when I can... Works well for internal guilt trips when I'm not completely focused on you... Trying to take Mommy time without feeling bad about it.  We all know everyone's happy when Mommy's happy! :)
You're fixing to outgrow this little dress - you've worn it quite a bit... Too cute!Sweet baby girl Meghan... Nanny says she loves to cuddle --- lets just hope she stays that way!  Just like Mary Poppins - practically perfect in everyway.... Although MP had manners when she ate I assume  :)

Cute with Mommy

Woke up this morning ML to your alien song - "I will survive".... and then dressed her in your outfit! - Thanks again!

Thanks, Nanny!

Even though she'll probably complain about them, here are some cute pics of the kid with her Nanny from the weekend.... Thanks for watching her!  Once again, no pics of the Pa part of the equation - but he doesn't look at the blog so we'll keep that between us :)

Anniversary #5

Last weekend, Greg decided that celebrating an anniversary every 5 years was an okay time frame :)  Seems he just doesn't think anything is worth celebrating - an aspect he never felt the need to point out to me when he received anniversary or bday gifts before .... we'll see what he gets for his bday this year! 
No, he really went all out... I did offer suggestions, and he listened... We didn't go out of town, but we didn't have a day of fun.
We went up to Greg's parents on Friday night so they could be the integral baby-sitting side of the weekend of fun.... And Sat lunch, we ended up at PF Changs in downtown followed by some fun shopping, a long twisted lost trip to our fun hotel for the night, and dinner at a fondue restaurant... We stayed at the Houstonian down by the galleria in a wooded area - which I much prefer, felt like being out of town - and enjoyed an evening of luxury without a baby!

It was our first fondue adventure and fun!  We got our own little booth with a burner and a pot.... cheese starter, salad, broth type to cook raw meat, and a vat of chocolate to end with of course!  The salmonella police probably wouldn't have approved since our raw food was right next to our cooked portion, but nobody got sick....  so I recommend it... Fun and different.
Thanks hubby for our night of fun...doesn't have to be an anniversary for fun --- just remember that  :)  .
PS:  Boiling liquid with little hands probably is asking for a trip to the ER - so adults only fun here.

Give Me My Bottle and Let Me Be!

For some reason, in an attempt to get Meghan to eat happily, I thought we would try feeding her in her activity center - which she has in the last week discovered can bounce! This was an error in many ways... She did stay happier cause she didn't have to pay attention to her daddy and could more easily get away from the food - but when she bounced mid bite and got food in her nose.  And Tobey did like it that she was closer to him and he could be on clean-up duty!

Week two of "Let's eat food" continues with a battle... The first couple of days were actually very agreeable compared to now.  It's like she's figured out what is coming and won't tolerate even two bites before getting tired of the not-so-fun game.  We switched to applesauce and thought that was going better... Greg's mom tried to give her bananas and that went about as well.  I've decided that maybe this is that stubbornness kicking in again... First switching to a bottle... Then trying to start food.  Really though, given the inability of her father to adjust to change of any kind and her grandmother's inability to try new things, I don't think it's her fault!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Love You, Baby Girl...

Hard week at daycare makes baby sleep four HOURS on the weekend - okay though cause that means cuddle time... and Mommy misses it when she's at work!

Cereal Time...

Tobey's thinking  "Aha, new person to get food, new chair to sniff for food, and new ground to lick up!"

The pediatrician gave us the final go ahead so here's what has happened.... The first time you did pretty well with Daddy in charge.   And you slept through the night last night because of it (I guess) --- good thing too cause Pedi also told us you should be sleeping meaning you were fixing to have to be ignored... Hopefully, it will continue!  And trying out the new highchair was a first - should have gotten one more mess-proof that's for sure.
Lately, the lounging while eating has gone to playing with our ears/hair next to it...  so maybe the teeth are on their way?!!!

Twenty Weeks Old

For our four month checkup (a little late) Mommy had to work so Daddy was sent armed with a piece of paper with questions :)
Stats:   15lb, 8oz (90%)    25" long (75%)  and head of 42.5 cm
We were actually walking through Target today and Greg was laughing at our "fat kid"....  Cute though!
Just this last week toes have become a big deal, and she plays with them quite frequently.  I touched one earlier when she was in her car seat, and it was dripping with saliva... now if there was direct transfer or if it came from the slobbery hand dunno....  Won't be long before we see it put directly in there I'm sure.  Speaking of feet, your toenails still have some residual blue pain as daycare helped you make a card for Daddy with your footprints on it!  And they had donuts for Daddy on Friday when he dropped you off for Father's Day.
And just this morning I was up after feeding you early this morning.... You're trying to figure out this crawling thing I can tell.  Not scooting much (other than just rolling all over the place) but laying on your belly kicking like thinking "I know this works somehow".
You have met your first bully... Mean little 13 month old girl at daycare likes to claw your face and you seem to have new marks everyday.... She got moved out of your class so hopefully this will end.  You would never do anything seemingly mean to anyone I'm sure! :)
And almost sitting up by yourself!
And squealing high pitched - lot of that today.  Like you just figure out how to do it, enjoy it, and decide to keep doing it... Keep on kid!  You make us laugh.

Happy First Daddy's Day!

So even though Greg (and his family!) are inept at celebrating Mother's Day --- a problem which didn't surface until my first one --- and Father's Day and don't really do much for each other's birthdays... I am insisting on starting a new tradition.  Whether Greg likes it or not, I think it's important to take a day, whether stupid manufacturers scheme or not, and say thank you and "you're doing a great job!".  
Here's to our Dad's and to Great-Pa ---  baby Meghan is blessed to have these men in her life....  and to you uncles and honorary uncles as well.... Hopefully, someday she'll meet a man who loves his ladies as much as you all do... Thanks for the great examples!
Pop with his Big Girl
Pa with his first, and no longer only, granddaughter
Great Pa - we need to see you again
Pa with his other little girl, Aubrey
Daddy and me - year and a half ago--- man how things have changed since then, huh?
My Daddy doing what he does best - and doing it right now too... see you in Colorado in month!
The Baggett men
Naptime this weekend with Daddy

Greg's first glimpse at his baby girl
Gotta go get Greg's Daddy Feast out of the oven - my brisket, twice baked potatoes, biscuit, and cookies... Lots of starch - the way he likes it:)  And I wasn't allowed to use fat/reduced fat either :)
We love our Daddy!
PS:  My brisket was awesome!  It's hard to stay so humble when you are so young and have already mastered your specialty :) ---  I'd make it for others if anyone would just come and visit!