Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Five Months

There should really be a consensus on if we could age by months or weeks because I personally find it a bit confusing...
Five months old tomorrow, little girl!  We started pulling out all your six months clothes - you have quite a bit for this age so I figured we needed to whip them out.  Good thing too since you don't seem to be much too small for them.  Big news of the weekend was finding a tooth - although still not sure Nanny didn't force it out since she was under your care.  Barely a little nub but something there; maybe another right next to it too!  Does explain why you've recently started sticking your tongue out and playing with it though.  But no fussing or fever... pulling at your ears a little but that's it... Keep up the simply easygoing life kid!
Daycare keeps saying what a happy little girl you are... No more bullying incidents and the other little kids love you it seems... You go outside, sing songs, play with bubbles, and make presents for Mommy and Daddy - which we love!
From this weekend, Tray - costarring again!
You love playing with faces it seem - just waiting for that to turn into breaking glasses.... close a couple of times.  Still working on sleeping through the night... Despite the medical studies that don't show that cereal makes babies sleep longer, I do think it does.  At least it seems that how well you sleep is easily predicted by how much food we force you.  Don't know if that method of eating is really developing the best eating habits.  Associating food with crying :)
Entertaining yourself really well in your activity chair thing - complete with bouncing.  Really like fabrics and often have more fun with what you are placed on than your toys - fringe, sheets, colors.... Want to eat them all of course.
Wake up in your crib and play by yourself - after waking Mommy up for a bottle of course.  Seem to wake up pretty happy in the morning to go to daycare.  And we only get a couple of hours with you after school... One of the first to drop off and one of the last to leave the daycare - sure doesn't make Mommy want to spend time with other people... Hard to justify that when I need to soak up every minute with you when I can... Works well for internal guilt trips when I'm not completely focused on you... Trying to take Mommy time without feeling bad about it.  We all know everyone's happy when Mommy's happy! :)
You're fixing to outgrow this little dress - you've worn it quite a bit... Too cute!Sweet baby girl Meghan... Nanny says she loves to cuddle --- lets just hope she stays that way!  Just like Mary Poppins - practically perfect in everyway.... Although MP had manners when she ate I assume  :)

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Haley said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! She seems to have really grown up a lot in the last month!! Such a cutie :) She needs to come back to Dallas to visit!