Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm 11 for 11...

Patients still alive after my first day that is!
Today went really well. Couldn't have asked for it to go better actually - unless my patients weren't poor and I could do more for them with my limited resources that is!
They pretty much just threw me right in... The Dr decided for some reason that I knew what I was doing and stopped signing after me pretty quick... Guess I did something right! Until they look at my charts and see that they were really mistaken.
The assistants were all really helpful, the practioners (aka Dr, nurse practitioners, and PAs) were very willing to help no matter how long it would take. Patients were all very patient - did have one woman sitting undressed waiting on me for quite a while - granted nurse should have told me one would think... and then I let her get dressed... then made her take it off again when I remembered what I forgot :)
My hours really should be 8 to 5! Like the nurses are ready to leave at 5 and do all they can to get you out the door.. and I can't really get in to work on charts until earliest 7:30 AM when someone might chance to be there. So getting the kid should be no prob! Ate my lunch today and worked on charts... And the time flew! Good thing compared to all my horribly LONG rotations.
And when you have a COPD patient come in saying her smoking is decreased cause she can't breathe (because of all her prior smoking)... and wants more of her inhaler... so she can get better... to smoke and do more damage... you see the cycle! Stop smoking! I wish I could just have all those younger smokers listen to these older smokers lungs... Stupid!
Meghan started a new teacher today, but I didn't really get to talk to her yet. She seemed nice.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers... Just another aspect of my life that seems to be going way too perfectly - we're just waiting for the ball to drop! How's that for negative? :)
Wish me luck tomorrow - I'll be one real tooth less after my crown... ug... Just pretend my teeth still look good when you see me... If only I was cool enough to get a gold one that says "Meg" or something in rhinestones... to match my grill of course.

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Kara said...

Hmmmm...the working mom doesn't have as much time to blog, huh? Maybe that will get you off my case a little. Well, maybe halfway off, since I work half the time. :-) Hope your first week went great! I've been thinking about you!