Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anniversary #5

Last weekend, Greg decided that celebrating an anniversary every 5 years was an okay time frame :)  Seems he just doesn't think anything is worth celebrating - an aspect he never felt the need to point out to me when he received anniversary or bday gifts before .... we'll see what he gets for his bday this year! 
No, he really went all out... I did offer suggestions, and he listened... We didn't go out of town, but we didn't have a day of fun.
We went up to Greg's parents on Friday night so they could be the integral baby-sitting side of the weekend of fun.... And Sat lunch, we ended up at PF Changs in downtown followed by some fun shopping, a long twisted lost trip to our fun hotel for the night, and dinner at a fondue restaurant... We stayed at the Houstonian down by the galleria in a wooded area - which I much prefer, felt like being out of town - and enjoyed an evening of luxury without a baby!

It was our first fondue adventure and fun!  We got our own little booth with a burner and a pot.... cheese starter, salad, broth type to cook raw meat, and a vat of chocolate to end with of course!  The salmonella police probably wouldn't have approved since our raw food was right next to our cooked portion, but nobody got sick....  so I recommend it... Fun and different.
Thanks hubby for our night of fun...doesn't have to be an anniversary for fun --- just remember that  :)  .
PS:  Boiling liquid with little hands probably is asking for a trip to the ER - so adults only fun here.


Alli said...

happy anniversary!!!

Christine and Matt said...

awww... i'm glad you had good anniversary time! Congrats on 5 years!!! and, yes - I think I'm going to try to come to houston sometime while matt's gone. Are you guys going to be there at all July 4th weekend?

PaulNLacey said...

Sadly, I've read every post you've put on this blog, but never comment! Usually I read from some random hotel room somewhere... Anway, thought about you guys on the 21st-- Happy A-day! :) Coming through The Falls on your way to CO?