Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look What Daddy Did...

Some Daddy's would clean up, but my daddy wants to take a picture of my carrot eyelashes. And look at my teeth!

A Swingin' Good Time

We haven't had much good weather around here lately so this was our first opportunity to try out the park in our new neighborhood. This place is teeming with small children so lots of friends to come!
Coop's first swing fun

Take off, kid. Don't worry about your parents!
No fear about these slides any more.
There came the point when Coop just wanted to be left alone. Seriously, when we tried to swing he threw a fit. Walk off and let him chill? Happy kid
While the other family at the park freaked out over the little injury... this daddy was showing his child how to climb up things she was way too small for!
Just taking right off! Look at those Texas skies!
And the hat he's wearing? He needed one and someone else had left one there. Yes, you are correct. No way to know whose it was... Coop adopted it. I actually left it up to Greg... and his plan was theivery. More like, not-wanting-it-to-get-ruined-in-the-rain-ery... right?

Birthday Party

We celebrated birthday number two with a family birthday while Memma and Pop were still in town. Aunt Sam brought new two-week-old baby Alexis for you to meet along with the rest of the Baggett crew.
You do love babies! And don't they seem small as Bubba gets bigger?! Always trying to be careful but that urge to give kisses just puts their faces in yours doesn't it?
Elmo and Grover on your bday cake - with a "aipain"!
Daddy got to hold the baby
Loving that umbrella! Which Mommy and Memma had looked at getting for you but decided it was just asking for trouble - leave it to Nanny. If only you watched movies and knew who Ariel was...

Bubba dressed up for you with his jersey...
Mommy's lesson: Don't plan on the gift for a long time before buying it. Just buy it. Seems they stop selling kitchens after Christmas. I drove around all morning looking for a kitchen and finally just grabbed one. Daddy and Pop sure had a heck of a time putting all these little pieces together. You and all your little cousins did get excited though - if only you would spend time in your room to play with it!

Uncle Jared and the baby
You didn't really know what to think about them singing "Happy Birthday" to you. A little nervous or intimidated maybe?
Pop and Bubba
Memma and Pop brought you your momma's old baby crib for your babies. And, of course, you got several others to go in it.
Cousin Nate loves his only little boy cousin - can't wait until you are older, Coop.

The Big Number Two

You real second birthday was on a Monday. With left over cake. Mommy managed to lose the candles the first time around though... so this time we had them! And Mommy bought me a hello kitty balloon!
Good blowing!
And everywhere we went, you got a birthday hat- church and day care both. Working on the two fingers... getting better... but usually they end up crossed.
Mommy and Daddy can't believe you are already two, baby girl. Every month you seem to grow like a weed and are constantly amazing us with what you know. Never doubt how much you are loved, sweet girl!

And Then There Were Five

Cousins that is!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Four Months of Cooper