Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meg's 24th Month

I love this picture, sweet girl. And hate it. In it I see the remnant of the baby baby and see the big girl you are and will be in years to come. I believe you were engrossed in TV at the time.
You got a fun Christmas present in the mail from Aunt JoDee! You were so entranced that after I showed you yourself in the mirror, we had to go find another mirror to look in as well.

This is yours and Daddy's game. Before, you would climb in the rocking chair and rock, singing "rocky row rocky row". Then it became "1-2-3-aaahhh" as Daddy would throw the two of you back in the chair. Became such a habit actually that I remember crossing the road with you... the number after 3 was "aahhhh" (from your mouth).

You do love your Bubba. No sense of personal space at all. I wonder what you would do if you slept with him. You automatically roll over and cuddle with him like a doll. Maybe you would actually stay in your bed a little better?
You love to help cook. For the most part pretty good, but, I admit, Mommy is a bit too trusting and puts you too close to potentially dangerous items. Like to taste things (while cooking) and smell and count. And have finally grasped that you will get the food back it just has to be cooked first. You love to stir and help with dumping...

You are really enjoying the garage space in the new house and a culdesac to play in with all your wagons and scooters. The wagon has buckles which you strap yourself into. Wanted Bubba to sit in with you the other day. Won't be much longer - you want him to play so much!
"Ashes ashes" - you like to turn Bubba in his bouncy and sing to him. You have started singing the ABCs and seem to add more letters gradually. Twinkle Twinkle gets more real words all the time. But even if you don't know it, it doesn't stop you as you grunt right along - when you're on your own, all the songs just get shoved together into one long song, a mix up if you will.
Daddy usually dresses you in the morning while Mommy is in charge of getting Bubba ready. Some mornings it's not such a great match. Sometimes I don't realize until I pick you up at daycare. I apologize for the hair struggles you are going to have - you have a horrible cow lick right on the crown of your head. It's near impossible to pull it back straight into a pony tail.
Loving on Pop
You like to eat at the big girl table.. For the most part a really good eater and getting better at not picking out every single vegetable. Good at forks and spoons. A mistake if you get the knife because you will spend a long time trying to cut everything instead of eating. And don't get me started on what happens when you get a wet wipe - everything will get rubbed down regardless of what was cleaned before hand... floor, table, mouth, potty, mouth... ug.
Such a sweetheart!

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craigandjodee said...

Such a beautiful girl. I'm so glad she likes the cooking gear! Really wish we lived closer together. Our kiddos would have so much fun together. So glad you guys are so close to your family and cousins. I'm looking forward to that.