Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm a Good Sport...

Pun intended.
So brother Lance didn't come in town for the game this weekend which means the back-up participant got called in - that would be me... What better way to spend Sunday than clapping when I do understand and feigning interest when I'm lost! At least I didn't bring my book in this time! And the jersey is Greg's back-up so I could be properly attired.
He declared it the most boring game he'd ever been to. Then the crowd started thinning out to like 1/5 of the original size and then we started making a comeback... Really quite impressive - like 33 to 7 back up to 33 to 33. Something like that. That final touchdown in the last minute got Greg yelling (more than before) and jumping (had to move not to get beat up) and being crazier than normal. And calling Lance to tell him how I'm having all his fun! And then the other team made a field goal and they lost by a point - and then we were sad... And I had to say "you had fun though!" -- how quickly they forget.

Greg declared this to be Meghan's first game ---- he says Megan... Maybe at least the name is decided... I originally kept pointing out to him all the dad's proudly carrying their babies in their carriers strapped to their chests. Then it occurred to me that if he were doing so, in addition to looking amazingly adorable in her little pink jersey, my child would be deaf and traumatized from being thrown out over the crowd during all the jumping. So we might have to reconsider that one!

One thing about it - Greg has the ability to get excited and show emotion... Is it in my genetic make-up or just up-bringing that has left me unable to jump, yell, or even grin like crazy? Hmmm....

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