Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cooper's Sweet Sixteen

Sweet boy. Your Momma could eat you up with that like mischievous smile of yours. And boy are you such a busy boy.
You weren't too excited about the animals at the zoo. But very excited about roaming around and exploring all that you could find at your height. Your favorite position for exploring was bent knee, kneeling on the ground. A big fan of the ropes and wood.. and running away and being your own little man.
Big into climbing up on things. You have discovered how to climb onto the kitchen chairs, outdoor chairs... working on the couch. So proud of yourself. Did we mention climbing the stairs with ease, scooting down on your belly (to the point of getting carpet burn on your belly), and your favorite, climbing on any and all stools. You love to be on the tall stool with Meghan watching Momma cook. You love the fact that there are stools all over for Meghan to potty - you love to carry them to your desired position. But, you are also using them to your advantage to dig in drawers and find treasures. Just last night, you dub in the bathroom drawer to find my iPhone cord and scamper off in here to the living room, directly to the plug you knew didn't have a stopper, attempting to plug it in. So busy. And good job with the memory!
Mostly a happy boy.
You love to sit at the door at Nanny's house (on your knees of course) and look out at the puppies. And then go run after the puppies, pull on the puppies. Kissing our puppies. You love to pull their faces in to give you kisses! They do say that kids who are exposed to germs have a better immune system. Maybe these germ laden animals are why you never get sick! :) You really are a very healthy kid. You have yet to take any antibiotics. Had that rash a while ago. Get really chapped cheeks when it's dry and cold outside. But other than that, pretty good. And you don't get snotty as often as Meg.

Big into the eating. Still your favorite past time. And you do a pretty good job with the healthy food. You love sweet potatoes, "nana?" (banana and general fruit), blueberries... new development with blueberries. You actually have to be directed to eat cantaloupe or pineapple as bribery to get more blueberries. How many other little boys would prefer that to pizza? And loving the milk.
You tend to be shy. Seem to have warmed up pretty well to Nanny and Pa. Still take a little while to adjust to Memma and Pop. Christmas was a trial for you because you were so fussy with all the strangers. You broke Aunt Tracy's heart at Christmas because you fussed every time she picked you up. I think you've adjusted pretty well to the ladies at church and definitely at school. Minimal fussing these days. They still love you!

You have discovered books. Still mainly preferring your big 100 words book - loving to point out the "ball" and "nana".. and phone. Starting to make roar noises at the animals. Your vocabulary is growing - although you still prefer the point method. Daddy said you said "to-ba" the other day in regards to Tobey - I have yet to see it. The big addition was "Mama" - that would be me. A little slow on the uptake, but you've been getting your point across just the same. And lately with "mamma" (yes, they do sound different) in regards to Memma who you want to see on the computer anytime I have the computer open. Cute, yes, but so annoying when you've heard it 50 times in a day. Still saying "hoos" - shoes. You love to put on shoes.
Sorry, little man. But the above picture sure looks a heck of a lot like Uncle Paul when he was your age. Maybe we can find an old picture of Paulie. But unlike Paul, you have the sleeping habits of Uncle Lance! You love to sleep. How many little kids your age would sleep in until 9 or so on Saturday mornings. It's a nice contrast to Meg who insists on waking up no later than 7. You are going to bed about 8 every night - unless you are super fussy at which instance you will go a lot earlier! And you hate being woken up in the morning - if you are woken up, the next hour or so will be nothing but all out whining and fussing. Did I mention you fake little cry-whine? It's not always a sincere fuss.
You love your sissy. And you especially love this car. Every morning, when given the opportunity, you run directly to the car and launch yourself into it... and straight to the radio button.
Sitting like a big boy in that seat. Your favorite toys are you balls, your broom, and any "buh-sh". Somehow, every word you say come out like a question. So its not "buh-sh" but "buh-sh?". In regards to your toothbrush, hairbrush, dust brush... you love to walk into the laundry room and point up to the dushbrushes. And carrying around one isn't enough. You want at least two brushes. Memma and Pop got you your own dust brush for Meg's bday!
The footstool in the living room has been claimed as your own method to crawling up on the big chairs. And the little folding chair Meg got for Christmas? You've decided that they go well stacked on top of the coffee table... no, Bubba! I'm still waiting for "no" to become one of your words. Not yet...
You were so proud of this backpack at Nanny's house.

You aren't really a cuddler. So different from your sister in that regard. You are too busy going to sit still. You are still waking up some nights fussing, and I go up to try to calm you down. Usually ends in you still crying yourself to sleep after I leave. But I do enjoy those early morning moments of cuddling - since they are the only ones we get with you!
You really need to work on liking your Daddy. You and Meghan both seem to prefer me. And the dogs seem to go with me, too - you hurt your Daddy's feelings! Of course, you know to go to Daddy to play and be silly! You curled up with Daddy on the bean bag the other morning when he was playing his video games, leaned back, and fell asleep on him. Do more of that, he thought it was super sweet!
We love you, Bubba! You are truly precious!

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