Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas Visitors

Memma and Pop came to our house for a New Year's Christmas celebration. For our fifth and final installment of Christmas fun. Bringing also with them the much anticipated electric car for playing outside!
More cars and books and clothes...
And super fun toys from Paul and Lacey - they'll get their turn one day... or at least could borrow ours! This scooter has no home. Just perpetually tripped on! Or used as a rolling step stool! Ug! But oh so fun and clever!
And then there is the much loved umbrella table now taking up the corner of my living room. Coop and Meghan love having kid sized chairs around. Even if he likes to use them as all little boys would - step stools, bed, stacking up on top of the coffee table! And hilarious watching them sit there and assume the adult posture with their bodies slouched and hands behind their head! These kids are way too observant!
And a good place to feed our new Sleeping Beauty Barbie doll on the new princess plate, of course!

Let it be known that I do not remember my father ever making cookies with ME! Se Meg's little knife? She loves to be my helper. And Pop loves excuses
Coop's new word on their trip - "buh-bes"? Always asked as a question. Seems this kid has been taught about bubbles at daycare. Once again, my father would never have allowed ME to blow bubbles in HIS house! Double standards for everyone! Anyways... the oh so cute "buh-bes?" were hidden when the grandparents left.

Not at all a proud grandpa!

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