Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seven and Half Months

The other day someone asked me how old you are - when I calculated 7 1/2 months I did a double take.  Seems so old!  Everything is worth discovering to you.  Yes, this bear has been in your room forever, but this week seems to be brand new to you.  Miss Meghan, you are standing and climbing and trying to get into everything.  While Mommy and Daddy eat supper at the, gulp, coffee table you just stand on the other side and stare at us.  Haven't climbed on the shelf lately - guess you've moved on to all the other stuff available for your perusal.  Crawling with all the skill these days - legs and arms working as they're supposed to, and you are all over the place!
Sweet baby in your cute purple dress... cuddling with Daddy.  Such a good cuddler.  When you are done with your bottle, you roll over toward us to tell us it's now cuddle time.
You went to your class in church as usual.  Always a happy baby.  Other babies cry when they are dropped off, but not you.  Never seen your number on the song screen.  And Cousin Pam comes a says hi to you before we all leave.
Puppies make you laugh - giggle when they play with each other.  Not so happy when Tobey runs you over though!
My fat creases are pale - I have a little tan.  Until daycare on Friday when I came home with sunburned thighs - gonna talk to them on Monday!
Mommy turned on the video monitor this AM to see you standing in your crib with a face close-up on the video.
Memma got you a shape ball... you just really like to chew on the shapes.  All over the living room floor.  Like everything else.  Toys in every room.  And in the bathtub of course - everything in the mouth.  Rubber duckies... Do love water!  If only those stinking ears didn't get in the way - gonna have to figure that out for Nanny and Pa's pool.  You would love to just submerge yourself.  And quit pulling your ear - Mommy's in denial that there's another infection brewing.
Like eating!  Like your sippy cup.  Still problems orienting it the right direction, but you continue trying. Choke on water - just like all the other women in your mommy's family. Not eating too much at daycare, but you sure made up for it this weekend little oinker.  Yogurt, peaches, mangoes, carrots, pears, bananas, applesauce - definitely prefer fruits.  Can't blame you on that, kid.  Someone tried to feed me mashed green peas I wouldn't be too happy either!
Still snotty... hoping it's only a food allergy so trying no wheat for a while.  We'll see.  AM snotty, but your cough has seemed to go down.  
Notice the new highchair?  Mommy got tired of the cloth one - who makes (or registers for) cloth highchairs?  They don't come clean.  Now we have two!  But this one stays so clean it makes me happy.  Started throwing the cup on the floor waiting to have it be picked up.  Food still in the mouth for now.
Baby seats are for playing with obviously.  See my tooshie?  I have four teeth on the other side of my body - two top, two bottom.  Hurt when I bite Mommy's finger.
Standing at the table again... Yesterday, you tried to pull the lamp on yourself.  No more potty incidents... Bought a baby gate today to try to keep you sequestered.  Getting dangerous to leave you a lone even for a little bit.  Pulling up on the bean bag - won't be long until your pulling into it.
And that tongue!  Sticks out all the time - good for catching the snot running down my face...  Sick!  And notice my hair isn't so puffy anymore.  Long and lays down on it's own now.  And I still would rather be naked anytime!
Snotty...  Mommy gave up on reading due to your interest in eating books.  Plastic ones are good though.  Like crawling around in your room - although you try to pull everything down on you.  Need to stabilize some shelves around here.
We sure love that smile - and so blessed to see it all the time!  Such a big girl - your stubbornness means you're gonna do it... on your schedule.  Won't be much longer until you're a tiny little walker.

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craigandjodee said...

She is absolutely precious! Can you believe how fast they grow!? We can't wait to see you guys in Oct.