Saturday, September 13, 2008

Part 4

Haven't been able to get home yet so been reading online to see what the neighbors are saying... Greg just informed me that he plans on going back tomorrow - we'll see how that really works out. Online says that my specific housing addition got some fence and roof damage but that flooding only got up to the sidewalks. It usually drains really well. Granted, Greg decided to remind me when we got here that this would be a good test of that patch job in the roof he and my dad did several months ago.
I still haven't heard from work. As of this moment, Galveston is closed to incoming traffic even those here to help... so guess that means I'm not needed. Granted, it also said UTMB isn't taking emergencies anymore due to electricity shortage... and if my clinic isn't open, is there no health care on the island?
Go look at the pictures... Looks like a lake with houses plopped down. Looks like Texas City (my other clinic site) didn't get much flooding so maybe I still have somewhere to work.
In laws coming back tomorrow - who knows how long we'll be roomies :) Keep ya posted!

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Alli said...

Hope your house is ok!!!