Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Loving our cozy jammies. Or as we call them around here "jams". Especially since most of them have monkeys!
The kids were very interested in all the Christmas decorations and helping put them out.
And getting out the nativity scene which had "two!" sheep... And arranging it just right.
Meghan's ornament.. one of many.

All Meghan's new princess ornaments from Disney world wanted to be together on the same branch. Some ornament reorganization was required with these wonderful helpers, but we tired to let them do what they wanted.
Cooper's favorite Christmas decorations by far were the ones in the front yard. Every morning we asked about baby Jesus and every evening we had to make sure he got "blown up" (the blow up Nativity scene). Our neighbors had Santa - Cooper had to wave at him every night and "hug" - arm open and reaching toward the neighbor's house.
Cooper was very concerned about Santa and Jesus once the holidays were over. Two good little helpers with taking down the ornaments and decorations. Very excited about all the decorations in general. Cooper liked to point and count all the Santas. We had decorations on the front door and window that the kids liked to rearrange. Very fun for everyone - and so fun to get it back to normal around here!

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