Monday, December 10, 2012


August 2012
 In August, Wade, Kristin, and Jack came to visit us.  Although they had come down before, this was the first time to stay the weekend in this house.  They came in Friday afternoon and saw some of the sights - including our favorite Italian at Angelo's for Sunday lunch after church.
 And the park over by the lake after eating Fuddruckers for lunch.  We had to go over the causeway and see the ocean and boats... seems like a tourist-y thing, right?
 Note to self: don't let Cooper wear sandals to the park because, as we experienced in Florida and obviously didn't learn then, Coop doesn't like wood/ sand/ dirt getting in his sandals.  They will be removed and will walk barefoot instead of stuff in the sandals.
 We talked for a while before arrival about Jack coming to visit and both kids were very excited about a little visitor.  And then we talked about him afterwards... all in all, very impactful it seems. 
 And Cooper's Mommy and Daddy were so excited that, in return, Coop was on his best behavior (ug) - this would be during the several weeks of terror when I volunteered to sell him I think.  As Kristin put it later, if she didn't know me, she might have been concerned about the possible abuse occurring.  The kind of complete hysteria in which you really don't know what to do other than laugh and walk away... or drag up the stairs in this case.

 It was getting a little warm for pale little children x 3 and pregnant Kristin... so nap time would be attempted... note I said attempted. Something about little kids, house guests, and forced relaxation - never go well together.
 Kristin had to play with the latest BJAKK addition - the first of my college girls to meet the little one. 
 "Slade" as Meg so decided Wade would thence be known - became a good play toy.  Puzzles, legos, tackles... all kinds of entertainment.

 When Wade visits, I abuse his photo skills in an attempt to get a good family picture... attempts.

 Kristin and Meghan - Meghan always likes girly girls who let her play makeup and hair and watch them get ready.  Perhaps an obvious deficit she sees missing in me!  And I'm going to remind Kristin of this when she has a girl of her own as we are still talking about those special two days when she got to wear makeup.  I always feel bad for the females who stay with us as Meghan wants to watch and participate in every step of getting ready.
 The big boys had a good time playing together - not the bickering one would expect.  Nice for Cooper to have someone to play with that didn't involved pink and princesses.  A fellow iPad buddy.
 The girls and kids - floppy baby noted.
Thanks to one of our favorite families for coming to visit.  And we are excited to come see new little Parker (born 1 week ago from this posting).

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