Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some Great Visitors

 In the middle of September, Greg's grandparents came down for a visit... why, not? They're retired - and they read this so get the hint and come more often :)  . First, we met them at the parent's house and then the next day at Barry's down closer to us. Coop first though needed to read the paper with Kramer...
 But Great Pa was focused primarily on snuggles #1 then paper #2.

 And then there's this one who loves that stinkin' microphone!

 Cousin Aubs remembering what babies are like in time for her little sister!
 Who is that handsome fellow in Nanny's picture?
Caught cha - Greg's family has a lot of men who pretend to be tough but secretly love all these little kids...
 Another example of tough guy Barry - or as Meghan sometimes refers to him "Uncle Pa".
 Who just happened to pull out our first Jenga experience!

 And Pamela came to say hi! And another example of the grandpa who continues to cuddle - even with his eldest grandson (34 years later!).

 Uncle Barry is a sucker for this child - including some awesome pyando (piano) playing.
 Great Nanny and Katelynn

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