Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Five Months of Baby

 Little missy continues to be a pretty easy and happy baby. Of course, spoiled rotten. Likes to be held cause her mommy spoils her - but still so happy just to be put down. Rolling all over the place and getting into trouble. Still not sitting up on our own but starting to scoot.  Aiming for the world's smallest crawler.
 Started eating baby food... unlike the other babies who had to be convinced to like food, you are way excited about food.  A nice change.  Hard to know when to stop feeding you since you would eat as long as we let you.

 If only you would be sleeping through the night this contentedly.  Able to entertain yourself pretty well for a little missy so small.  Still waking up at least once in the night.. usually more.  A little ridiculous but that whole mommy guilt of not seeing you during the day... I want to see you at night if that's the only cuddle time that I get! Sleeping about 2.5 hours during the day at school.
 And do in love with your brother and sister! You started giggling and we love it.  Not easily given but so sweet when it happens.  Smile a lot to make up for it.
From October 2012

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