Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crawfish Craze

In the Houston tradition, some of the Baggetts believe in partaking in crawfish with a boil (and hotdogs for the rest of us). So now, I am school in determining if it is alive, how to eat it, and acquainted with the nasty slurpy noise as you pull the head off.... Makes the nitrates and questionable meat of hot dogs more appealing doesn't it? :)
Melinda and Tyler were home so most of the family came over. Not to mention all these little cousins. Note the matching socks... a chronic problem.
Melinda with the kids, and Pam with Meghan working on that stool puzzle thing.
Aunt Gaye and Coop - She and Meghan had had some bonding earlier in the month as a last minute baby sitter for the "sick" kid. She was fine, of course. Good excuse for a play date anyways, right?
Meg and her favorite cousin. So cute how excited Meghan gets when Aubrey comes over. Don't think she's that excited with other kids her age.
Sam and Aubrey
Tyler, Nate, and the neck that both my children seem to be drawn to
Yuck. Looks classy though, doesn't it?
Thanks for the culture shock and the bonding time! Should happen more often though.

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Sam said...

You're as bad as my dad! I'm with alexis & Tyler is with coop. :) it does get confusing with all these kids. :)