Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Eggs

The egg hunt at Nate and Aubrey's bday party happened when Mommy was shopping. We also had one at school on Thursday so no neglect to be had. Not to mention Easter gifts from Nanny, Great Nanny, Memma, and Mommy (and the men I'm sure)... so we weren't lacking in bunnies either.
Tobey likes to help with Eater candy... and goldfish.
Opening our Easter presents from the bunny
Coop and his new bunny

Meghan and her pretty little dress. Missing the pretty little white sandals which were bought just for the occassion. Note the red crocs Memma and Pop had just brought her. Wore our pink ones to church. Yes, only I would do that... :)

We would not remove our sunglasses... and don't let the cuteness fool you. After this she wanted to get on her "cycle" in her dress... throwing an outright fit when not allowed to do so. At least I can hope. Maybe next time...


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Alli said...

Wow, Bobbie. Meghan is growing up so quickly! They are both such cuties! Hope you are well!