Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two Years... Plus Some...

These two years have been life changing, Meg. You made two kids pretending to be adults into full-fledged adults and parents. You are an amazing little girl. One of the girls who works in your room at church said that they always love when you are there because you are so fun. And I wholeheartedly agree - although it's nice to know that others feel that way as well.
Potty training is in full force mode. Some days you insist on sitting on the big potty which we oblige - makes out in the real world easier if you are willing to sit on it. The other day at the restaurant you came out and announced to everyone that you poopooed in the potty. They all laughed and told you what a big girl you are. Definitely still have accidents - day care is going most of the work so no complaining here.
You like to clean. You like wipes. All good but you have no qualms about wiping you bottom, then your face, then the floor, counter, potty, back to your face... Trying to stop that nasty habit. Trying to encourage the fact that you like to help though - just tonight you helped me set the table (plastic plates) and gave yourself the pink one of course. You like to help Daddy take out the trash and recyclining - seem to through a fit on Fridays when the recycling doesn't come out.
Dress up is big with you. If only your mommy had fun dress up clothes. Love walking around in other people's shoes. The other day at Nanny's, you put on Nate's socks and shoes like that was normal :) . And the other day you had put Aubrey's shoes on your own feet. Pretty good at dressing yourself.. if only that pull-up didn't get stuck on the toosh requiring a little extra help. Did we mention you are particular with your clothes? You have a shirt you call your "Hailey shirt" - after you friend at school? We don't understand why though... And you come out and say "Pitty, Momma" - in regards to your outfit, hair, shoes...
Still like making your silly faces. And making others comply as well.
Discipline... we're working on it. Not too sure what to expect from a two year old. A smart little two year old who knows how to look cute... Half the time you get yourself in trouble though, knowing exactly what you shouldn't be doing. You keep doing it and say "Hi, Mommy" - while grinning broadly and waving up at us.
You got an elmo shirt for Valentine's day. You know your hearts - and "sqare", "kirkle", "tiangle", "star"... which I didn't know you knew until you were pointing them out to me. Your color of choice varies. Currently pink is your favorite (sometimes red, lello). You know that Maggie is white. You go pick out pink shirts of Mommy and Daddy's closet and want to wear them to bed. After you request a "shoer" with Daddy... feel like I'm neglecting you from baths like normal children, but most nights you would rather have a shower instead... it's definitely easier!
And then there's Bubba. "My bubba" - and we love the way you say Cooper. You love him so much!
You like the play-doh and can stay entertained for a long time. You love cooking and watching Mommy. Makes me a little nervous actually, but we're careful. You go get "my chair" so you can pull it up to the stove and watch.
Nanny's house was full of injuries last time. You slid onto your face when pushing a car and it slipped. Bloody nose. Made you look tough :) .
You love Aubrey and Nate - you two are a mess. We love listening to your girls run around and giggle. Nice to have someone to keep you entertained. Thought we were going to be in trouble cause you wanted to sleep on your shirt like Nate - but that was short lived...
You are a very affectionate little girl.
And love the puppies. You alert us all the time where the puppies are - more like the only thing you can tattle on...
You love to sing... even when you don't know the words. It's been amazing to listen as Twinkle Twinkle has progressed. Now to include "Tinkle tinkle" - funny because it's obvious which words you don't know what they mean. Very willing though with star and are and upaba, of course.

Getting better at the stairs - still make me nervous, but you are for the most part careful. You girls like to lay on the stairs... and gradually scoot up them like we can't notice if you do it slowly.
"Cheese" is your latest. It's always so fun to listen as you entertain yourself in the car. Singing, talking to Bubba, holding his hands, commenting on what you see, and trying to interrupt...
You have a bedtime routine for the most part. We go to bed about 8 - after bath/shower. School has been talking to you about your teeth - you brush pretty well, and the other day stuck your tongue out for me to brush it. Many adults still don't do that :) . Then we get into bed, after fighting over which pjs to wear, sometimes having time to read books. You crawl in, declare "get my lap" and crawl into my lap. Sometimes you want to read to me instead, but you are always ready to show me everything in the pictures.
The latest fun part of you is "I want Jesus" - you like saying your night-time prayers. Didn't take very many times of saying them for you figure it out and like the routine. We list everyone we're thankful, and you are very good at going throug the family. Ending with "a-men". Definitely makes your Mommy and Daddy take their role more seriously knowing you do understand what's going on - we just need to introduce you to God... A tricky thing to be accountable for! We were singing "Jesus Loves Me" at night. You, however, like your Jesus song (to the tune of Frere Jacques) "I want Jesus, I want Jesus"... If only more of us were singing that song during the day...
You are a pretty good eater, using your fork. Willing to eat most fruits, still working on the vegetables. Got you to eat "Corn candy" - aka frozen corn. But you gobble it up. Still love milk - only the white though. No "yucky choca mik".

You are at the fun-est age, Meg! You don't call yourself Meggie as much anymore; now it's "Meg-an". Whatever, baby girl. You are the joy of our lives. Sometimes, we catch ourselves just grinning up at each other when you're up to your craziness. We just can't believe how blessed we are to be your parents!

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Kara said...

Some great pic of you and your kid in there! I am never in the pictures because Im always taking them. I need to work on that. Meghan looks so big! I can't wait to see you guys again!