Thursday, June 3, 2010

First (Real) Haircut

So this beautiful blonde hair kept getting longer and longer. You had yet to have a "real haircut" other than trims. And it really was looking quite shaggy. So we piggy-backed the Wichita trip to see my (former) hairdresser. The only regular one I've ever had.
Before the hair went more than half-way down your back - more so when wet.
You watched Momma get her haircut and then it was your turn. We didn't know how you would behave...
But you just sat there the whole time. Didn't really want to talk to Becky. Just sat quietly - not sure if it was fear or nerves or shyness.
The only real response we ever had from you was when Becky stepped away for a minute. I watched you look down at the hair laying on your drape... and pop it from beneath to make the hair fly up. It was pretty cute.
And no matter how much Memma whined... you didn't get bangs. Those things are just now growing out!You look even cuter kid!

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