Monday, May 24, 2010

Meg's May (27th)

So, yes, I know this is a post about Meghan and the main picture is Cooper... But, if you see the little one in the background, I think that would be significant of the way she feels sometimes. I really try not to let that happen - and it will definitely be better when Cooper is more mobile - but, until then, Baby, I'm sorry, but it will happen sometimes... At least you handle it pretty well for the most part.
Now that Bubba can sit up better you sometimes get to take baths with your brother. Still not sharing the toys very well... And then, other times, you are too willing to share when it's not really a Cooper-appropriate toy. The other night the puppies found your baby like it was their toy - "Not puppies toy, Not Bubba's toy".
Nap times with you have become an issue on the weekend. Especially Sundays. You fall asleep on the way home from church and then don't want to take your regular nap. Then sometimes you fall asleep Saturday morning (as above) and then that messes up your afternoon nap. Pretty consistently going to sleep at 8 PM. Do much better when given a warning that the time is coming. One or two books to read, "talky Jesus", and you stay in your bed. Since Mommy and Daddy figured out that you stay in your bed all night long when tucked in by both of us, you do so much better. Haven't woken up in the middle of the night and stood at the gate in a long time.
Love the bunny Great Nanny and Great Pa gave you for Easter. Like to take it in the car with you.
Back to "talky Jesus" - love that you are getting more ad lib. The other night was "Thank you play doh. Thank you yellow play doh. Thank you bugs. Thank you cheese. Thank you two cheese." Quick run through "Mommy, Daddy, Bubba, Meggie" - sometimes looping back through several times. And this seems to be a great stall technique you have discovered as well. "Cose you eyes, Daddy".
You are a very loving big sister toward your brother. Still with "it's okay bubba. I right here." The other morning you kept it up for ahile trying to soothe him. Amazingly though, when you stopped trying, he stopped crying. Maybe you were the reason :) "Momma's coming Bubba. It's okay". You want to help him try to walk. Give him toys, Cheerios, car toys. Overall, very sweet. The other night you wanted him to "sit my lap" so you could smile for the picture.
Note the scissor use. You know about 8 colors, about 7 shapes, the words to Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs. Still skip right over 4 for the most part when counting to 10. Working on your Spanish numbers. Sometimes talk about "mas". Love, love, love songs. Jesus Loves Me usually loops "Yes Jesus Loves me" over and over... you forget abou the ending :) . Wheels on the Bus. "Are you sleeping..."? "Rocky baby". You request "So-shine" - as in "You are my sunshine".
You love to help in the kitchen, go get your stool and try to drag it over to watch. This night you decided to cover yourself, right arm only, in stickers to eat. Love to help set the table, count out forks. Started going through this dawdling-while-eating thing. And decide not to want to eat until supper time is over. Still quite picky with the veggies - trying to encourage you to at least try stuff. Sometimes, sadly, through a bribe with a chip or bread or ice cream. Whatever it takes I guess. Okay with most foods though.
Loving your books. Current favorites are your Curious George book, Tails, "pa-pier" Very Hungry Caterpillar, some little critter. You want to hold it. Do your writing with your v-fib looking very focused lines :) ; holding your pen correctly of course. It's been fun to watch your coloring progress - very focused on the areas you need to color in. Not in the lines granted but very dedicated to the work. Your learning amazes me - you pay SOOOO much attention to every little thing. Just tonight I looked over, and you were trying to twirl your pasta on your fork - no one ever showed you but Momma sure had been doing it...
And that hair. My smart little girl prefers to pull out the little baby hairbrush that doesn't actually brush very well. Not the one that has "tangles". You "want two" the majority of the time. Sometimes requesting the color. And love to wear hairbands on your wrist like your momma. But that hair does annoy you! You are getting a haircut very soon. Your first real one!
You are a little cuddler. I've found you sometimes regressing intentionally... talking in baby talk. But, given the situation, I forgive you. When we pull your hair up out of your face, only then do I see your round little baby face and remember how young you truly are. You often seem so much older. Don't get me wrong, I would keep you at this age for the longest time if we could. At least, during the good sweet parts. You are so fun right now. Feel a little too independent but for the most part accept correction. We are working on saying "Yes, Mommy" and not fussing our way through everything. No major meltdowns in public yet.

"Watch Ba-ney". Still not too much into TV. The other day you said "Don't want to watch cooking" - cracking me up!
You love stacking things. We always know when you have been in the shower because all the bottles are so nicely grouped, some stacked. Somehow, in your little mind, stacking things is associated with the happy birthday song - and you start singing; another of your favorite songs.
And love putting things in boxes, back in their straw cover. Continuous "No, I do it". Wanting to dress yourself. Wanting to put on your diaper. Unless it comes to going up the stairs when you say "up". Fine by me - nice to be needed sometimes ;)

You love to be outside. You helped me garden the other day; had your own shovel and rake. Until you moved on to your "cycle"... and took off around the side of the house. You have never been one for fearing being away from us :) . And "wagon" and "basketball"... have I mentioned your vocabulary! It's insane. Just yesterday you yelled "Baggett" at your dad. And I've heard to mi mic me and yell his name at him after I do it. Guess it could be worse! :)
I found this picture. I think you've moved past your "clackies" phase. Then again, it might just be that you have too many toys - you forget about them. Hear that family out there! When we say limited toys we mean it!
And lets end on those sweet little pudgy legs. And smile. And those dimples on those little knuckles. And that stubbornness... Not loving it that much but it is so you... And you have BOTH your parents to blame for that. We love you, Baby Girl! May you never doubt that!

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