Sunday, May 23, 2010

(A Moody) Moody Gardens

Going to Galveston to Moody Gardens was a last minute decision - mostly because I wanted to beat the summer vacationers. We called it an adventure and all morning Meg kept asking about her "venture". Whipped out the double stroller and headed for a ride.
All was pretty good for the first part of the trip. Happy. Ready to go. I don't think Coop got out of his stoller the whole time - and who would mess with a good thing? I think he stayed alert the whole time watching and looking at everything.
The first stop was the rain forest pyramid which kept up its reputation as I recall from my other visit - not worth the money. Meg did enjoy the insect exhibit at the beginning. She kept looking at "o-er side", running over to see the next one.
Saw some parrots, lots of really exciting plants... Trying to remember everything else... but that might have been it. Not even really fish in the dirty water. Oh yeah, some turtles.

At the aquarium, Meg acted excited at the beginning. Wanted to touch the things she wasn't supposed to touch.
She had to be convinced that seals were fun. We had to sit there for awhile before Meg caught on - but then she wanted to stay. Liked watching them swim in circles - really in a tank way too small for those giant animals... But that's another story I'm sure.
Liked watching all the sharks and fish in the giant tank. We didn't see Nemo - and hadn't really occurred to me until she pointed out Dori - who I didn't know she knew by name.
And not as excited by the penguins as she should have been. It was 11:30 or so. That was when she started to say "Don't like it... Don't like it" - which I believe was really "I'm tired, I'm hungry..."

And the coolest part with the glass tunnel you walk through with the sharks above you - kept on "Don't like it" "Are you scared?" "Yeah, scared. Don't like it"... Obviously, no pictures of this part....
So plan next time - save money and aquarium only. Then we went and had bbq in galveston. Made me seem like a true Galvestonian to know the local dives :)

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