Sunday, May 9, 2010

Coop's Seventh

This little boy is so much happier since able to sit up. Much easier to self-entertain and allowed to be alone for longer without screaming to be picked up. And so close to mobile! Scooting all over everywhere - not quite yet to crawling but rolling and rocking... mostly backward and side to side... not to be trusted anymore.
Eating better and better... and loving to grab the spoon on the way to the mouth and smear it. Amazing how one tiny little bite can make such a mess! Usually eating about 1.5 to 2 jars a meal. Getting a little better at the smooshy food but still able to push that semi-solid stuff right out. Taking about 4 bottles a day between meals.
Pediatrician at the 6 month (little late) check up told us night-time feedings were over. So for about a week, he kept waking up and crying for about 10 minutes - we're still getting better at just ignoring him. Well Mommy is :) Daddy usually sleeps through it unless nudged (accidentally! :) ). I tried to get up and soothe him one night when it was going on longer than usual - the bottle with water just made him madder and madder... so 30 minutes later, he ended back up in the crib crying himself to sleep. No more of those efforts!
Happy boy! Definitely a cuddler. But very happy. Like your sister, you are pretty good at just happily entertaining yourself in the morning in your crib after you wake up. Until you see one of us that is. But now that you sit, you will sit around and watch us get ready... watching everything going on. Daddy said at daycare the other day the ladies said you just sat there alone watching for about 45 mintues... They thought you were asleep :)
You have the thighs that tend to be the trend in this family... Memma said you have the "Milner knees" - thighs some of us women seem to have on that side of the family (different than Meghan) - thank me for that later.
Speaking of sleeping... You take about two naps mid AM and midafternoon for 1-2.. some weekends good up to 3 hours. Thank you for that! Night time usually starts a little after Meghan. Have your nighttime bottle and then usually do some jumping in your bouncy - loudly! There comes the point when you start rolling all over who is holding you, inconsolable... then you go down to your bed to cry yourself to sleep. Sometimes you fall asleep in our arms, but mostly, you're not so much about rocking to sleep.
Love to sit outside and watch the world. It will be so much easier though when you are up playing with Meg... Then again, that's two kids to chase...
Mommy and Daddy still made me wear hand-me-down bibs... and some shorts... nothing to school though :)
Fell asleep in the high chair... Until Meghan came by and intentionally woke him up!
"Don't cry, Bubba... I'm right here!" Meghan has decided that she is your entertainment... and Mommy and self-proclaimed babysitter... Loves to sit with you and give you/take away your toys. Sissy has recently discovered that you don't like her scary laugh. It makes you cry, and then Daddy has to tell her to stop so you'll stop. Sometimes you decide to cry along with her when she's being honery in the car... Thankfully though, you're just along for the ride. Entertaining yourself... We'll see how you do in long car rides... Might be a different story.
A true "ankle biter"
Such a sweet boy! Daddy thinks you're going to be a trouble maker and the truly honery one... For now we'll just keep loving that crooked little 4 toothed smile and the drool and wet kisses that go along with it... We love you, baby boy!

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