Tuesday, June 19, 2012

58 Years!

 Greg's grandparents - who probably are not appreciating this :)  - are celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary today! And one year ago today, they were traveling with us and family through the British Isles, hiking all over like they weren't "old" - all in the mind, right?!

 Here's to you Great-Nanny and Great-Pa!  Meghan talks about ya'll... did this blog post make you rush down to visit? :)
We are blessed to come from families with a heritage of happy, "til death do us part" marriages. Thank you for this wonderful example we have had set for us...  And happy early anniversary to my parents who will celebrate 43 years next month.  May our children look back and be able to include us in that heritage!  And that our great-grandchildren may remember us fondly as mine will remember their Great Nanny, Great Pa, and Grandma Nelson.

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