Sunday, July 3, 2011

Abilene Friends

We went to Abilene at the end of May for G's sister Tracy's college graduation. We had planned to stay with Craig and JoDee, but random fevers happen with children so we crashed at Kara's (beautiful) house - by ourselves. We drove in late Friday night, found the house in the dark, made ourselves at home, and settled down for the night. JoDee and Audrey below
Coop - outnumbered with all the girls!
JoDee volunteered to watch the kids during graduation, and we got to hang out for awhile afterward. Melissa came over, and we went out to eat hamburgers - proving the point (as I had suspected) that Craig is the most social of us all and knows everyone in Abilene.
Craig and Audrey
Melissa and Meghan - I think they look like they belong to each other... same colors and all, right?
Meg and Adi

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craigandjodee said...

Hadn't seen these. So cute! Love those girls! And boy. Wish we lived closer. Love you guys!