Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bubble Night

I have recently seen your shy side coming out. We went to the library for bubble night, and you showed your true colors. Wanted to see everything but didn't want to participate or talk to anyone. And, honestly, Mommy didn't want to play with the bubbles. The second time around a little more willing, and slightly more by the third - but mostly bored. And then on to the books for the first time. Wanted to pull everything off the shelf and read it.

Came home with "Goodnight, Gorilla" - mostly wordless but pretty quick to tell what's happening. "Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?" - your first book to have you repeating with me "just like me and you" - and amazing how quickly you catch on. Same thing goes with "The Very Busy Spider" - very busy web.. repeating. That is you're in the mood. Not so much looking forward to having to explain to you about taking the book back to the library.
Before we left the library we had a lesson about not making the library sad and being nice to the books - a rule you were eager to reiterate to Daddy when we got home. Did we mention later tearing the cover on the 20 year old Curious George book? You are very excited that you have a George doll just like in the book!
Didn't really get the whole pulling books off the shelf thing. Wanted to pull them all off! I do look forward to all our library trips in the future!
Had to go home and have our own experiments.

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