Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Season Snowcone

... or ever. Not sure that Meg's ever had one. We went to get a snow cone Sunday afternoon (it was super hot outside) and ran into Meghan's best day care friend. Meg and Hailey have gone to daycare together for two years. You could say she's her oldest friend... Meg just kept dancing around "Hailey's here... Hailey's here"... and running up and hugging (practically tackling).
You could say she stole my snowcone as I sure didn't get much of it. All was going well until Meg had an accident in her pants - lets just say Daddy didn't put a pull-up on when we went out. She didn't seem to mind... would be easier if she did to get his thing stressed to her!
Hailey kept coming over to sit with us... Cute kids.
And then there's this little guy. He had fun just eating the straw - no snow cone needed here.

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