Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Fourth at Home

It is a rare occurrence when this family actually gets to be home on a holiday. This was an exciting holiday of mostly nothing - just like we liked it. In the tradition of the American requirement, we had steak, potatoes, and watermelon for supper. Mommy was semi-nonexistent as the majority of the weekend was spent reading the 4th in the Twilight series... started and finished and now can go back to real duties :)
Coop had cheese :)
And Meg made a mess. Because the kids had managed to have pretty long late naps, we decided to risk finding some fireworks. Little did we know (or think ahead) about getting there hours in advance to have a parking spot that was ideal... but we made do.
Once we decided to go, we started talking to Meghan about it. About the noises and the lights. She was getting very excited - super cute considering she didn't know exactly what we were talking about.
We parked across the street from the lake where the fireworks would be shot off... in a park on a hill with our blanket. I must say, both kids did very well. Coop was a little fussy toward the end (it was like 9:30 afterall) but no big fits. We were far enough away that the noises were very muted so not scary. There were probably 5 or 6 areas around where fireworks were going off so plenty to keep Meg's attention. Still plan maybe to just stay at the house next year and see what we can see.
Fun park - will have to go back... without mosquitoes perhaps.
This is the age we are in... the age where we intentionally ruin pictures and do not smile. This stage only last 15 more years, right? Mommy and Meghan played with the swings and did some climbing. I must say, and don't judge the following statement, only in America (and definitely more likely with Houston) do you look around on the 4th and realize you are some of the few definite Americans there for the celebrations. Saw some (?) Vietnamese, Indians, and lots of Hispanic people. Maybe we were part of their sightseeing trip too :)

And again you see... At least we got to wear our flag shirts again!

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