Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cooper at Ten Months

Oh, sweet boy. Or "Pudge" I tend to go with that nickname sometimes for obvious reasons. Went to the pediatricians for your 10 (nine) month check and you are a little anemic and in the 75% percentile for everything. Just adorably round that's all.
This ball. I won't forget how excited you were when you discovered it. Chased it all around the hallway. Loving balls - makes me nervous though as you try to walk on it for support.
You are so close to walking. Sissy tries to "hold you hand" and help you walk. Getting better at your pusher.
And speaking off.... you are so hard to capture on film. Moving all the time. And definitely makes it hard for a posed picture.
Still at those six teeth. Kinda stopped adding more after the all-at-once explosion. Still pretty lazy with the food. Want to feed yourself but so picky. Pretty much will eat any baby food - not so sure about those chunks still. And lazy with the bottle too. Would much rather someone sit and hold it for you.
Mamamama - that was a phase. Thought it was directed to me as it seemed to come out when I was busy and you wanted to be held. But now you've moved to dadadda so maybe we're just testing it all out.
In typical boy fashion, you manage to love cords and pretty much touching everything you shouldn't be.
For the most part you sleep through the night. Still not the cuddliest kid. Want to be on the go. It is rare when you will actually allow rocking to fall asleep. If you do fall asleep, 90 percent of the time you wake up and end up crying yourself to sleep in the crib; only for a short amount of time though. Meg one morning, after you had a fussy night, told Daddy "Bubba make Jesus sad" - aka Bubba shouldn't have been doing what he was doing last night and he should get in trouble. :) You like to mess with toilet paper rolls more that Meghan and looking in potties (yuck!) and opening cabinets and shutting doors - getting stuck away from us to only fuss afterward. Meg is pretty good at telling us what you shouldn't be doing... early tattling I guess.

This is pretty much the view all the time. Still running away. At the same time, however, very content to just explore for the most part. Unless you remember Mommy isn't there and then get fussy. Not really any separation anxiety or anything at church or school. And they love having their boy. Fight at church over which of the ladies gets to have you.

You go through these tongue phases where it is always sticking out. :) Sadly, the little phase with twirling the feet and hands at the same time is passing. Haven't seen that in a while. It was quite enjoyable while it was here.
Bathtime is a favorite. Nice to have you both sequestered for awhile - and you are both content. We are working on sharing toys though - and discouraging Meg from trying to help too much. You refuse to stay seated in the bathtub - sometimes you just gotta give up trying!
The tongue again :)
Oh, Bubba. You are such a sweet boy and everyone is always coming up to us to tell us how cute you are! Hope those little cheek dimples stay as you grow up! Which is happening way too quickly by the way. Lets just slow it down - if we both agree, then it shouldn't really be a problem, right? We love you!

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