Sunday, December 16, 2007

Graduation Banquet

The night before graduation, the whole class, spouses, and faculty had a celebration dinner in downtown Houston - fancy on the 43rd floor!
Sounds impressive right? Some people win awards for their scholarly endeavors or career development or community service. I, however, am nominated by my class as most likely to have 7 kids - tied with the Mormon I personally voted for :) . Greg was proud and glad he could help me with that goal. I like to think that inwardly I deserved the other prizes but didn't need a bigger head, right? :) I did service and such and didn't flunk out... and I'm still here!
My girls: Haley, Tien, Teresa, Christine, Meghan, Alli, and Isa
Stacie, Brenda, Allison, and moi
Nice teeth make good PAs!
Katie, Lauren, and Lindsay
Graduation pictures to follow... I know that in high school and college at least, it was a sappy time. So many people you think you have real relationships with and wish you had known them better... blah blah. And for some reason, you feel sad and cry. And most of them, you won't talk to again except maybe every couple of years or so -
I'm more sentimental than I sound I promise!
This time, got a little sappy when Isa and Teresa were leaking, but other than that... Sadness is for people you won't see again! I'll see the ones I want to see - just takes effort - since a lot of us live near each other - or at least in the same vicinity. Happiness is for friends that mean a lot to you who you will see at least semi-frequently and know that even if you don't, getting together will be just like the old times and you still care a great deal about each other!
Love you guys!


Alli said...

Awww. That was sweet. I, too, was feeling sappy at the banquet & graduation.

We love you, too!

I promise to stay in touch, neighbor! :) Pehaps we can get together after we take the PANCE.

Teresa said...

Hey... you know you wanted to "leak" too! :) I hope it wont be too long until I can come back to the Houston Area again... otherwise, Missouri is beautiful in the spring and fall... hint hint hint...