Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baggett Bday Bash

Nate is very loving to little cousin Meghan - the topic of the day seems to be "when are ya'll going to have another one" - seriously people. Does it never end?  Anyways, ya'll should have seen Nate's eyes light up when Pa asked him is he wanted a boy cousin... He already seems to know the difference.  Give it some time buddy.
The fam reunited again - we really don't see each other THAT much - just always makes the blog cause I take pics :)  Melinda and Pam have bdays this week, two days after me (and a year)... So, I am officially 27 tomorrow.  Still not as old as Greggo though! :)  And I never will be! Ha! :)
Great-Aunt Gaye (man that sounds old doesn't it? :) )
Uncle Greg with niece Aubrey 
Gaye with Aubrey
Nate - he behaved very well, Sam!
Melinda finally got Nate to do some cuddling - sorry, Pam. Guess you didn't get a pic taken, huh?
With her Nanny
Ladies and babies


Kara said...

Happy B-day, Bobbie!! How does it feel to be so old? (Not so bad when our husbands are older, huh?) :)

Kent said...

oh my goodness, i look just like my grandmother but at least the bags don't look to bad with the goofy face. :^)
love the blog bob...keep'em coming.