Sunday, July 20, 2008

Never Met a Stranger...

Some of my PA school friends got together Saturday morning... Haley is a baby hog all the way!  But Meghan sure does like her so I guess I'll let her keep on! :)  Note Josh's puppy in the background - seems my baby knows what dogs are (no matter how different they look from hers) and wants to play with them... Hope this doesn't get us in trouble one day!
Smiling at Haley

There's that silly looking guy again!  He sure does make me smile!
Isabel and mini-Meghan
Thanks for all the help guys - I'm sure when ya'll have kids of your own you won't be as interested in mine... but until then, feel free to spoil her rotten!


Christine and Matt said...

I MISSED YOU ALL AGAIN!!! I'm so sad! I wanna hang out.
hope everyone is doing well :)

Alli said...

Ummm.. So did you all disown me or what?

Hope you had fun!