Sunday, July 20, 2008

Five Months, Three Weeks

Almost six months!  Mommy's still trying to balance working (and being worn out) with wanting to spend all her time with you.  This last week at day care, one of the owners (Iris) was changing you before I took you home.  And she said "I love you, baby" --- awww... How I still get teary thinking about it!  How many people are blessed to find a day care they not only like and trust completely - but know that their child is loved and cared for?  
What a ham!
Daddy called me over for your pose earlier - this would be it.  I hadn't managed to capture it before - but here you are Sweet Girl!
Daddy won the blue eye debate!
Lots of play time on the floor - and very mobile.  Still working on the crawl idea...  rock, rock, rock... whoa my head is heavy... propelled forward by momentum... flat on tummy... get up and go again.  You also sees your belly button as a center point and just rotate around it... Definitely not hindered by anything.  Won't be long!  Already baby proofing the house since you like to very happily pull magazines and books off the coffee table shelf...

Man, Mommy looks sleepy!
Still not much stranger anxiety going on - charms everyone within reach.  A little hesitant with Melinda the other night... but got over it very quickly.  My happy baby even manages to grin while crying occasionally - wouldn't dare be sad!
I keep trying to get a pic of those little teeth on the bottom - you show them all the time and then hide them for pics.  Feeding was actually successful tonight.  Wish I knew why.  I was just saying to Greg that you really need to figure this out or you'll be hungry all the time - as you seemed to be a large part of the weekend.  And then tonight, mushed up some of those baby bananas, you fed yourself (with guidance), and seemed to be loving it.  Maybe need to buy more of those or stop mushing everything to a pulp.  Maybe you just have a sensitive gag reflex like me - don't like slime!  Too young for Cheerios?
This top photo is directly related to the one below - you love when Daddy plays Guitar Hero.  You just grin the whole time.

This time next week, baby Meghan, you will be in Colorado for the first time!  You're very excited I can tell.  Finally get to use all those warm clothes!


Kara said...

Love the smile in the last one! Branson is sitting with me and kept saying "Mey-Mey" when I would say, "see meghan?". It was cute. Then I clicked on the comment box and he waved and said "bye-bye." :)

craigandjodee said...

I just love her smile! Such a happy baby. So precious. She is growing fast. Time flies doesn't it?