Saturday, April 5, 2008

Heartbreaking Story!!!

I know I don't do this often... But Friday's Oprah had me with tears streaming down my face. Some of you I know don't like Oprah, but personally I do - and I watch way too much TV with only one hand to do things these days (makes holding a book difficult at times) and Oprah is one of my highlights... I quote Dr. Oz quite a bit as well but that can wait for later...

It was about puppy mills - people who breed 100s of puppies for pet stores. ASPCA and the Humane Society said that about 99% of puppies from such stores are from these mills. But anyways, the heartbreaking part was when they showed the guy at the FW pound who has to pick out which dogs are going to be euthanized the following day. And then him coming to get the happy puppies out of their cages, walking them down the hall, being super gentle with them and cuddling them... only in preparation for the drug... And knowing that these cute dogs you're looking at were fixing to die... And then seeing the 40 or so black trash bags (from only the day before) being dumped into the dumpster to go to the dump...

They said that a lot of people don't go to the pound to look for a dog cause they want a specific kind of dog- something that I myself have said since I'm so partial (and semi-snobby)... But they said that something like 1/3 of dogs there are purebred - that you can find what you want if you look. Granted, I've never personally been myself but so they say... Something to think about... I'll definitely think twice about my puppy purchases in the future...

And about fixing your puppies... in the words of Bob Barker paraphrased "fix your dogs!"


Leah said...

I wanted to watch that but was unable to because of work. Probably a good thing, because I would have been crying and depressed the rest of the day.

Oscar came from the local animal shelter--he was a great find~

Alli said...

I am very anti-puppy mills. They are horrible!!!

I made a promise that I will always adopt my pets from the ASPCA or some other rescue place.

That's were my fuzzies are from. :)

Simon was from the SPCA & Merlah was rescued off the street by my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

Puppy Mills suck.

On another note - I hate to point out that Toby actually looks like a MS now. What's with that? I'm used to seeing him like a shaggy mutt :)

Take care.