Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh Dear Abilene

Little family of threeThis last weekend all three of us went to Abilene for my (ex) roomie's baby shower... JoDee's having a baby in a month! They grow up so quickly. It was the first time the 6 of us girls had been together since Kara's wedding in 2005 I think? I do love my girls! And miss them when we're apart... and so proud of the guys they've married and the babies here and on the way... (and the guy that one of them is gonna marry someday :) ) They say it takes a village to raise a kid - you guys are my village! And I can honestly say, I wanted to get out of Abilene for so long... But once you leave and go to the "big city", only then can you really appreciate how nice it is to live in a small, safe, happy little (albeit HICK) town.
Daddy-to-be and uncle to Branson Melissa and baby
JS, JoDee's momma lovin my baby - gma to be!
Got you two crazy photogs on cameraThe roomiesSleeping through Rock Band - super fun!
Rock band rockersHappy little momma-to-be
Meghan's little boyfriend, Kara's boy Branson

Baby Hog and roomie - thanks for giving us a home!
The bump


craigandjodee said...

What a fun weekend! I'm so glad I go to see you guys. Meghan is even more precious in person. Thanks so much for everything you did to help. It was a great weekend! Love you!

ML said...

Baby Hog? Now just where did you get THAT idea??? Seriously, I loved, loved, loved having you guys stay at the house with us! That little Missy is adorable! I mean, I really enjoyed the "few minutes" I got to hold her! :) Merri Lynn

JS said...

Got your card today, Bob. I'm sorry the shower didn't last longer so I could love on SWEET little Meghan more!! It's my one talent in life -- Kids are certainly a gift from God -- enjoy your gift! I love reading your blog, too. JSue