Wednesday, May 21, 2008

16 Weeks

I believe this pic looks a lot like me as a baby? Correct me if I'm wrong?
I've been waiting to catch you in the act of doing all your recent accomplishments. But kinda hard to get. This is our last week of full days at home together... We are both sad (Daddy and I that is) but excited at the same time. You really like staying busy and being around other people and kids. And Mommy is eager to get this job thing rolling - scared but ready. Although, looking like a nincompoop (sp?) isn't high on her list... Hopefully, we'll still get lots of time together. Maybe Mommy needs a maid so that's one less thing to (not) do during our time together.... Daddy? :) You are rolling all over the place - off your blankets onto Mommy's nasty floor. Read this is a five to six month feat so pretty impressive I saw. I need to clean better now! And playing with yourself better on the blankets. As long as there is something to shove in your mouth. We had to go shopping yesterday for "eatable" books. Haven't figured out how to have reading time since you want to put them in your mouth. Your pretty new books. And it's kinda hard to read them when you want to eat them. Still working on that.
Semi-sadly, fully on the bottle now. Was planning on going halvsies, but Mommy's body seems to have said "enough!"... And doing very well with it. You get excited when you see a bottle and even guide it to your mouth at times. Speaking of, you replugged yourself yesterday!And talking!!! Especially when we talk back. Most of the time it's semi-fussing to yourself when no one is around which makes it hard to capture. (as in the video - fussed once you realized I really was around! ) You really like to talk after a bottle though still cuddled - like you're telling us how good it was or something.

We we went and watched the ducks and squirrels at the park earlier this week. You were very interested and lasted a lot longer than I thought you would. Of course, you love to be outside anytime so shouldn't have been too surprised. If only it wasn't getting hot here - I worry about your pale little Baggett skin... but we go out in the late afternoon when we can. Tell Daddy we need a tree or porch!
Sleeping pretty well. Mommy and Daddy are still trying to figure out the best schedule for you. You definitely sleep better with fewer/shorter naps. So currently we're having a short one midmorning, about an hour early afternoon, and another short one before Daddy gets home. Been sleeping until about 4 when you get hungry and eat another full meal! Of course, the schedule will all change when we start daycare (part time) next week and then go full blast the week after. We'll all be getting up early and who knows how it will go. And once we figure that out, you'll start eating and it'll all get wacky again.

You like listening to music and especially being sung to... All the better with hand and leg motions.

You have discovered the puppies lately. At least Maggie. You like to pet (aka pull) her hair. But she's very tolerant and will take any attention you're willing to give her. And likes to try to sneak in kisses. Might just be after all that drool all over your face. Tobey is still glowering and doesn't want you - just the one holding you.
This is your "Aha! I just slimed Dad... again" face
Mommy was sick last weekend so Daddy took good care of you. First time on all-night baby duty. When he gets to dress you for church, he always picks out really cute outfits. He even took you to church by himself. Thankfully, you didn't get sick - although Mommy did try to stay away and missed you! Cuddling with Daddy- he's been getting home late but makes sure to soak in as much time as he can when he's here
And I've decided Greg needs to go take photo classes! How many of these have me in them?

Congrats to JoDee and Craig! She's adorable and so lucky to have you two! And Meghan is really excited to have a new little best friend. And you'll have tons of beautiful pics - I need a ML!

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