Monday, March 17, 2008

Day of Fun?

In our effort to compensate for the guys always up and deserting us for bball games, the Baggett girls had a day of fun last Friday while the men had to work. We went to the Houston zoo and out to lunch - all would have been slightly more enjoyable without two little kids feeding off each other crying stuck in traffic... I think a good time was had by all though - excluding the little ones...
Meghan for the most part was a really good participant and slept most of the time unless she had reason to cry - like being hungry! Something which doesn't work well with walking around the zoo :)"I wanna leave now!"
She loves the aunties!
Smiling more and more all the time! And getting better at the car seat without screaming - yea!
Nanny got her out of her stroller when she started fussing... then we had to book it to the car and call our day at the zoo over. Note the cute hat! It was supposed to be a record high that day - 86 I think?
Nate didn't seem to enjoy looking at the animals as much as Nanny
Tracy kidding the big ugly lizard (through the glass - all about excellent photo skills)

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