Monday, March 3, 2008

Michael Buble Concert

The initial reason we went to Katy this weekend was so we could go to the concert... Greg got me tickets for Christmas. So Nanny and Pa got to watch Nate and Meghan Saturday night - eye opener I'm sure - while we had our first date night away from the kid... We went out to eat and then headed downtown. My first real concert I guess as I'm not counting Newsboys in highschool at the downtown auditorium or Caedmon's Call at ACU. Not that they weren't fun, just probably not the same as the 12,000 people at this concert. Sold out - sounds more impressive. It was fun and another aspect of Houston big-city life that we hadn't experienced since we moved down here. We sure seem like crazy kids with all we do - ha! Thanks Greg! I told him I'd take this kind of gift any day over something I didn't need to start with so we'll see if this tradition carries on!

Most people who I mentioned the Buble to didn't know who I was talking about - this video is for all you (if you have nothing better to do :) ) and for you Miss Tracy who was so jealous of me! I thought of you and how much you would have liked to be there... maybe next time!
(so I tried 2 times to upload the video... and it wouldn't work!)
So little one did good and took her first bottles easily and was sound asleep when we got home! Easier for her than us I'm sure - getting home at 11:30 is a little later than my typical 9ish bedtime made harder getting up for church on Sunday. I crashed Sunday once we got back home.

We're headed to another concert (I know!) in 2 weekends at the rodeo with the Baggett clan to see Brad Paisley at the rodeo - I'm required to go to the rodeo and not just the concert :) How she does a whole day out away from the house may be a different story! Feeding her in the floor of some dirty bathroom somewhere will be an adventure in itself...

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