Monday, March 31, 2008

Show and Tell

Baby and Mommy took a road trip - for a week and a half! - and left Daddy home alone... Not too alone though as there were "very important" basketball games to watch... He got a break to sleep through the night and do what he wanted, went to watch games with his bro and dad, and got to yell at the TV as loudly as he wanted without me yelling back at him that a baby was sleeping... And Memma and Pop gave Mommy a break too at times so I got at least one nap... And I actually got to read a whole book!!!
My mom flew down to Houston (night of the infamous accident if you recall) and drove back to WF with the kid and I. Granted, she chose to sleep through the whole thing when help was available! It was our first trip out of town... Memma and Pop had been asking when show and tell was going to happen since the day she was born - so here was their chance! And boy did they use it!
This child met probably about 100 new people - and for the most part was very well behaved and won them over! We went to church several times where she was a big hit and I was neglected, to the hairdresser, to school to meet former teacher friends (where she survived all kinds of germs I'm sure!), and had lots of visitors at the house. My parents were really good at stealing the kid and running away from me to the next victim of their grandparent pride attack - thanks to all of you who humor them.
A week before I got into town, my grandmother had had to have emergency surgery and was still in the hospital for much of my stay down there. Luckily, Nin got out the Thursday before I left and got to see the baby several times...

Uncle Paul and Aunt Lacey met Niece Meghan for the first time as well... I know she has won my brother over in his heart, but he refuses to show it outwardly! Aunt Lacey though was willing to show it though! :)

Great Aunt Harla and cousin Hailey came to visit several times. Hailey quickly declared her her best friend and was very interested in all the goings-on Meghan related. Meghan is her only girl cousin and they are close enough in age (she's almost 5) that they can play together in years to come? We met cousins Tanner and Drew at school briefly - Tanner was very excited as well!

Mary Jo finally :) made it over to see my baby Sunday afternoon...
And then Aunt Bobbie finally came home Tuesday night and got to meet my progeny on Wednesday morning... Uncle Lloyd had come over earlier in the week already.

PS: Did I mention that everyone who watched me grow up said that the kid looks just like me? One went so far to say that she didn't even have to ask who Meghan belonged to since we look so much alike... I just thought this was funny since Greg's mom says she looks a lot like him too... The red hair and blue eyes definitely are his... Hopefully the metabolism too! :) But my ears!

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Janell said...

Man.. everyone got to see the baby but me...
This would be me pouting.

She's a cutie pie and you should be super proud of her for putting up with what appears to be your entire family.

Take care cuz.