Monday, March 3, 2008

Nanny and Pa Weekend

This weekend was spent in Katy (north Houston) for multiple reasons. Sam and Jared went out of town so cousin Nate spent the weekend as well for some cousin bonding time.
Cuddling with Nanny

Nate sure likes Meghan. He is very willing to bring her her paci, likes to watch her diaper changes :) , and likes to have his picture taken "holding" her - he said Sunday "I think she wants to hold me"... too cute!

Nanny called this a hippie outfit - I just thought it was cute! Although with her puffy hair, I realize it's a little Elvis-y...
She decided it was time to move past lifting up that floppy head and start raising up on her elbows to look at you - although she doesn't relaly like to do it on her belly unless she is laying on you. Grinning and smiling more... big toothless ones. Sleeping pretty good at night - usually only waking up twice unless she decides it's time to be awake!

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